Hurrah for bookshops with internet!

I can now check my email and make brief posts!

I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with the rels etc except for the lack of the internet, and I am medicating my distress with copious lashings of seafood and wine.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful lead-in to the holiday season too.

Thank you Lauredhel for picking up the posting slack during my unexpected lack of internet capability!

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  1. Hulloooooo! We, also, have been indulging pleasantly rather than stuffing sweatbands and Pilates tapes in each other’s stockings. Nothing like an antipasto plate and a bottle of splendid Pinot Noir, wot? And there’s a rice pudding in the oven as we speak – made with homegrown rhubarb, and fresh raspberries and boysenberries, and a whole vanilla pod. Drool.

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