“conspire and collaborate”: quilting with 1s and 0s

Sometime Guest Hoyden sajbrfem is putting the “feminism” back in “cyberfeminism”.

This Cyberfeminism 101 slideshow is the first of her web-based art project, producing one cyberfeminism work per week for a year. This is the creative-practice part of a doctoral programme in cyberfeminist art. The slideshow covers cyberfeminist basics and the thesis itself, and introduces sajbrfem’s developing cyberfeminist methodology, which reads, in part: “once you have engaged with the technology, don’t settle for things the way they appear”.

You can follow her works at “fifty two acts”, and her process at “diary of a research artist”.

[A text transcript can be found at the base of the slideshow page.]

Categories: arts & entertainment, gender & feminism, technology

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