I knew I could rely on Richie

I couldn’t face the horror I suspected was awaiting those who went to see Alien vs Predator: Requiem. I hoped Richie would succumb, just so I could read his critique, and he has now delivered:

Why “Requiem“? This isn’t a sombre, funereal production to mark the end of the series, it’s a bunch of action movie cliches with an ending that explicitly sets up a sequel. Alien 3, now that was a requiem. Presumably the original title Alien vs Predator: You Drooling Fanboy Idiots Will Watch Anything wasn’t commercial enough.

It sounds as though it was even worse than I feared. But will the inevitable box-office flop change the minds of any women-hating studio bosses who think that there should no longer be any films featuring women in leading parts? Hell, no.

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  1. The irony is that this is the first Alien movie not to have a female lead and the first to bomb this badly, but I doubt the executives will see it that way.
    Richie’s last blog post..Masculinity in Alien vs Predator: Requiem

  2. I’m so glad I’m not a devotee of sci-fi / adventure movies (although I quite enjoyed Serenity and the Matrix). It saves so much time for other things.
    Helen’s last blog post..Image for 2007: Activist Angels

  3. Canny studio execs will know that there’s a ‘market’ for sf headed by strong female roles, and try to expand that market in the future. Though it’s really up to the strength of individual directors, producers and scriptwriters. I must admit my interest in the Alien series wanes following James Cameron ‘Aliens’ blockbuster (and what a blockbuster that was!). ‘Serenity’ is great, though.
    Here’s a snippet I came across the other day – Joss Whedon speaking at a night held by the feminist group ‘Equality Now’ – one of the original founders was his mother.
    TimT’s last blog post..Hapless new year

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