Bernadette McMenamin trolling The Australian on internet filtering?

Did you catch the article “Filters needed to battle child porn”, by Bernadette McMenamin of Child Wise? The one in which she wrote stuff like this:

It is beyond belief that some representatives of the Australian internet service provider industry are reluctant to install filters that would prevent access to child pornography.

And this:

Surely any decent person would do all they can to protect children. However there exists a small but vocal group in Australia which is opposed to the federal Government’s proposal to introduce mandatory ISP filtering to block child pornography and other illegal content.

and this:

As a parent and a child protection advocate I call on all Australians to support the federal Government’s mandatory ISP filtering initiative to block child pornography.

Turns out, according to a post in AusNOG, that she seems to have admitted to trolling the Australian IT section.

“My comments were meant to be provocative to garner the opinions of people out there both for and against. To tell you the truth I dont beleive that ISP filtering will be totally effective but it may reduce access to child p*rn. Of course I know there are other ways around this as well.

But I think the debate is healthy and worthwhile and maybe together as an IT expert and child protection specialists we can come up with a workable solution.

I dont support the current govt intitiative to ban p*rn sites as I believe people havea right to view these.

I am just desperately trying to find way to reduce child p*rn proliferation and any attempt for me is a good attempt. If it doesnt work then it doesnt work and go back to square 1.”

Stay tuned.

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  1. The shorter Bernadette McMenamin:
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  2. More from Computerworld:

    Child Wise CEO Bernadette McMenamin has clarified her position on the Federal government’s plan to implement mandatory Internet filtering at the ISP level, stating that all she wants blocked are child pornography Web sites, and nothing else.
    McMenamin said she categorically disagrees with any type of filtering that does not involve child porn or child abuse related sites.
    “I do not support filtering pornography in general or other contentious sites. Only child pornography, as I don’t believe filtering should be used to censor,” she said.
    McMenamin does not want to be lumped in the same boat as Conroy and Fielding, and believes their agenda of protecting Australian children online has been confused with her goal of removing child pornography from the Internet.

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