Refusing to be ashamed

Audrey Apple, in her non-alliterative RL persona, has written an online column for Adelaide’s Sunday Mail where she freely discusses her experience of two abortions as simple relief, and that she refuses to be shamed for not feeling guilt or regret.

The comments in response have been rather predictable. Audrey has blogged on it here, which includes a link to the Mail column. She’s asked for some comments from people who share her point of view to balance the antagonistic remarks. Have at it.

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  1. She’s a brave woman. Interesting how even some allegedly pro-choicers have attacked her for getting pregnant twice as if she was merely silly rather than unlucky.
    Mindy’s last blog post..Underpants Retirement Ceremony

  2. I might have a go at posting a supportive comment for her in a bit– I’d like to take the time to word it carefully, and to say something intelligent.
    I’ve gotta say, I love the expression “a blast-ended skrewt of a day”. 😀

  3. I posted a comment, but I didn’t realise that the comments section there doesn’t accept any mark-up at all, so now the formatting of my comment sucks rocks. Nevermind.

  4. So did I, but comment is impossibly garbled due to Posting While Tired. zzzzzzzfeck!!
    Helen’s last blog post..But it?s OK – they?re white!

  5. Thanks everyone, and thanks to tigtog for posting this. I’ve noted an upturn in supportive comments which is great. It truly is ridiculous how people have suggested I ‘should have provided details on the conceptions if I didn’t want people to assume I was just irresponsible’. Dudes, that was the point – that there are no qualifying elements that make one abortion right and another wrong.
    Meanwhile, love how all the hating comments basically support my original argument about women being shamed. Also, love how I must be a dirty slut because I had sex at least twice.
    audrey’s last blog post..Still the Tallest Man in the World

  6. You’re welcome, audrey. It was a great column. I loved reading about your dad’s response today.

  7. What an amazing Dad. What a fantastic column.
    Mindy’s last blog post..Which circle are you???

  8. This just in from Feministe– A woman who had a late term abortion due to a non-viable fetus, and dares to talk about it in Vogue without being ashamed (she even *gasp* wore makeup and stuff), is getting the same sort of crap that Audrey was getting.
    It just goes to show that, while many individual anti-choicers say that they’re okay with exceptions for the life/health of the mother, etc, all they’re really interested in is making sure that she has no control over her body– and failing that, making sure that she feels “proper” shame over taking that control. It makes no difference whether or not the fetus was viable, whether or not the mother’s wellbeing is at risk– these people just see a woman as less than the parasite that feeds upon her body.

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