Which way? I didn’t quite catch that, Boys-Club Buswell. Repeat, please? Which way should we go?

When’s the earliest the WA Labor Party can call an election? I doubt the Libs are likely to have their act together any time soon.

Troy Buswell, former candidate for the leadership of the Western Australian Liberal Party, has touched down back in Perth after admitting to his carry-on in Parliament a couple of months ago. Drunk at work, he was slapped down for misbehaving, and for showing off his party trick of snapping open the bra-strap of a Labor party staffer with one hand.

Initially, he said he would be withdrawing his leadership bid. But today, things are different. ABC News quotes from his press conference (emphases are mine):

“I’ve come back, interrupted my holiday because I think it’s important that we as a Parliamentary Liberal Party sit down together, draw a line in the sand in relation to a whole variety of matters and plan a solid path forward.

“What we need to be doing collectively is talking about developing a solid path forward for the Liberal Party if we are to take up a meaningful fight to the Labor Party at the next state election.

“I intent to spend the next couple of days consulting with my colleagues, with Mr Omodei, and with others and I think it’s very important that collectively that the Liberal Party establishes a path forward so that we can build ourselves as a credible alternative government and take up the fight to Labor come the next state election.”


The report continues:

Liberal MP Katie Hodson-Thomas has revealed she had been forced to confront Mr Buswell over previous inappropriate comments he has made to her. She said Mr Buswell’s behaviour was completely inappropriate.

“He certainly needs to recoginse that he does have some short comings,” she said. “He needs to grow up. He’s expected to behave in a manner that is, as I said, of the highest standard.”

The Independant MP Janet Woolard says the Western Australian Parliament is a boys club with men on both sides of the house involved in sexist behaviour.

“The boys club, the sexist behaviour has been going on in Parliament since I became a member in 2001,” she said. “It’s on both sides of Parliament and it’s on all levels.”

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  1. Forward! On the path! No, not that rickety looking path – the solid one – right there!

  2. The one paved with good intentions, that’s the one we want.
    Mindy’s last blog post..Which circle are you???

  3. Is there any state in the country where the coalition has mustered a viable opposition?

  4. And he’s the preferred candidate. Commenters keep on about how he can be packaged better than Omodei. Not hard when Omodei shot his own son in the foot by mistake. This is what we have to deal with here.
    The Worst of Perth’s last blog post..It?s 1973 OK?

  5. TWOP: The Liberal Party might make a good Worst post…
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Can?t stand his blog commentors

  6. The one paved with good intentions, that’s the one we want.
    Tee-hee, Mindy, good one.
    Helen’s last blog post..Doggie report

  7. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/01/17/2140726.htm

    Wonder if anyone will dump tons of bras at his door (ala when Dan Quayle got sent all those potatos)

  8. And the shine of Buswell’s victory has been overtaken by the death of Trevor Sprigg.

  9. 61 years old – sad. I gather it was sudden & unexpected?
    Suspect Buswell would get a Coreyesque kick out of any protest involving bras: more embarrassing for his family than for him.

  10. For at least 20% of people with heart disease, *death* is their first symptom of the disease. Stroke and heart attack can kill people just as suddenly and unexpectedly as any terrorist attack.

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