Torture couture from Galliano


Via the SMH, the new men’s collection from John Galliano, inspired by Abu Ghraib, and complete with bleeding neck and chest wounds, black hoods, and nooses.

Photos below the cut.





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  1. I…uh…um…*wow*.
    That’s all I got.

  2. that crash you just heard was MY JAW HITTING THE FLOOR.
    you have GOT to be kidding me.
    what the flying fruitcake is up with all the recent glamorizing of death in the fashion industry???
    ladoctorita’s last blog for thought #2

  3. A new meaning for “fashion victims”?
    Dave Bath’s last blog post..Gormless Oz political bloggers

  4. Holy guacamole. WHAT IS HE THINKING?
    liz’s last blog post..Why I love Skating Shoes

  5. Doesn’t it rather take away from the clothes? I mean, it’s a fashion show, it’s supposed to be about the clothes, right? Right?
    I’m busy waiting for some designer to pick up on the popularity of video games, and produce a “DOOM” collection. Given this, obviously it’s going to be their spring release.
    Meg Thornton’s last blog post..Fic: Night In Midgar

  6. This just pisses on victims of torture from a great height…
    …unless this is his swan song and he’s about to publish a manifesto that he’s leaving the fashion industry because it is, after all, tantamount to, and based on, various forms of torture
    (for you guys, I’m sure I don’t need to join the dots on that)
    …but somehow, I doubt it.
    Helen’s last blog post..OMG I FKN LUV IT

  7. This definitely joins the ranks of the sexified slavery fashionporn and the Top Model murder-victim shoot.
    Gah, it’s all vile.

  8. Elite “fashion” is broken.
    Galliano has always had more than his fair share of stunts, and this is just the latest. Glamming up brutalised women is too commonplace, he had to be more callous to gain attention. So he chased the headlines by showing male victims.
    So many wrongnesses in one parade.

  9. What the hell.
    I’m not even putting a question mark after that; it’s so ridiculous that I have no questions. Just…ew.
    annaham’s last blog post..Quote of the Day

  10. Jennifer on the Feministe thread about this posted a link to an interview with some designers about this display.
    From that link, one design professor, Kathleen McDermott, says: “I see it as a profound effort to use a bully pulpit to deal with issues that ordinarily you wouldn’t think of as fashion issues.”
    What I wrote on Feministe about this:

    Oh, bullshit. I’m sick to fucking death of the exploitative commodifcation of violence by the patriarchs as being lauded as oh so edgy and interesting for we privileged people over here to drool over.
    Torture isn’t a fucking “FASHION ISSUE”. It’s not the latest interesting trend for design school professors to hyperintellectualise about and to hold up as momentarily captivating visual objects. That’s vile.

    Also from the interview:
    “So he’s always a guy who makes beautiful, beautiful, beautiful things but there is a very strong edge.”
    Only someone who is absolutely amoral could describe these images as “beautiful”.

  11. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful things
    Bad, bad, bad writing
    Helen’s last blog post..OMG I FKN LUV IT

  12. “inspired by Abu Ghraib”
    I was under the impression from reading about this elsewhere that it wasn’t inspired by Abu Ghraib. Not that it makes it any better or less revolting, but I think it’s a misrepresentation not to correct that.

  13. I’m happy to go on record as opining that Galliano’s weaselling about his “inspiration” are disingenuous at best.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Weekend Wibble: space gems, stem cells, a spot, some spin, and a switch

  14. Wow, people seem pretty uppity about this.
    It’s a little surprising to see but it is nowhere near shocking. I think it’s funny that it seems to have offended so many people’s sensibilities, as I am sure that was part of the intent and I am a little amazed something this forward actually worked.
    The execution (excuse the pun) on this is excellent, anyway. I really like the jacket at the top. It matches his hood.

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    [Uncontrol’s comment has taken a turn through the disemvoweller, for sexist insults.]

  16. Wow, people seem pretty uppity about this.

    Welcome to Hoyden About Town. We don’t take “uppity” as an insult, here.
    Thanks for pointing out the lynching joke, and building on it! Hy-larious!
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Wednesday Quick Pic(k)s

  17. I think it is amazing!

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