Self-titled expert on false abuse allegations charged with domestic battery

Update 26 July 2008: prosecutors are not proceeding to trial in this case because the victim refused to cooperate with them. Not surprisingly, this is being cast as an exoneration/vindication by the accused. Insert Princess Bride quote here.

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Trish Wilson at The Countess essentially gave up on blogging the MRA/FR movement a while back, but has brought her spotlight and microscope out for another airing in the wake of “false allegation expert” Dean Tong’s recent arrest for … beating his wife. He has been charged with Battery (Domestic Violence) and Tampering with a Witness with Force to Avoid Prosecution.

None of his feminist critics are especially surprised. Most of the MRA/FR “experts” on false abuse allegations have both a history of being charged with domestic abuse of some sort and no genuine expert credentials, and while some may have genuinely been falsely accused let’s get real: it’s trivially apparent that the most manipulative abusers are also the most likely to make a cynical career out of flashily parading their wounded “innocence”, especially if they can make good money at it by milking other men dry. The people who work for the falsely accused without flashy TV appearances (in which Tong et al resort to pathologising mothers by spruiking fake syndromes like Parental Alienation Syndrome) can’t compete with the glibly charming “experts” who defend people like the wife-murdering judge-shooting Darren Mack((Trish’s blog has many links to erotica, so is Not Safe For some Workplaces ~Note)) as just having “cracked under the strain”.

The first post is here, and there are regular updates. Tong is now released from gaol and is, of course, maintaining his complete innocence.

“Dean Tong, author of the critically acclaimed book “Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused,” has found himself in the same situation as many of his clients. He was released on $1,000.00 bail yesterday for an alleged abuse charge.

Tong has made this statement: “I am in the middle of a bitter divorce. Allegations have been made by my wife. I have been advised by my attorney to not discuss the details of the case. However, I maintain my innocence and enthusiastically look forward to my day in court so that the truth can come out and clear my name.”

In the course of discussion on various posts, Trish posted the following link which I hadn’t seen before:

Are you aware that most bona fide false allegations of abuse come from men?

Excerpt of a Canadian study I mention on my web site:


In the largest study of its kind in Canada, Nicholas Bala and John Schuman, two Queen’s University law professors, looked at 196 custody hearings across the country. The research showed 71% of sexual abuse allegations were brought by mothers, whereas fathers initiated only 17% of the accusations. The rest were the result of concerned grandparents, siblings or partners who, as well as the parents, often sought aid from a child protection agency.

Of female-initiated allegations, just 1.3% were deemed intentionally false by civil courts, compared with 21% when the man in the failed relationship brought similar allegations.

Here’s the link – False Allegations – Mostly Made By Men

There’s some good reading in the above link about the difference between unfounded/unsubstantiated allegations and deemed false allegations as well.

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