Ralph readers vote Julia Gillard deputy sex object of the year


[image source: the Age]

Via the fabulous Ms Fits at Reasons You Will Hate Me, our Deputy PM Julia Gillard has been voted Australia’s Second Sexiest Woman – by readers of puerile supersoftcore fapmag Ralph. Gillard laughed it off.

What say ye, readers? A pile of sex-obsessed pillocks trying to put a threateningly strong woman in her place the only way they know how – by evaluating her worth as a sex object? Or a glimmer of real admiration for an intelligent, powerful woman?

Sensibly, readers also voted Kyle “Prat” Sandilands into first place as Wanker[1] of the Year, robbing Corey Worthington of another two point five minutes of fame. It’s over, dude. The wankers have elected their king.

[1] Yes, yes, I know. It’s an insult to wankers everywhere. ObDisclaimer: masturbation is a perfectly cromulent pasttime.

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  1. ObDisclaimer: masturbation is a perfectly cromulent pasttime.
    Must. Resist. Urge. To. Make. Embiggenning. Joke.
    Seriously though, I can’t work it out either. Given that it’s a ladmag, I’d be inclined towards the first option (making her a sex object), but there might be the odd glimmer of true admiration out there– of course, that might just be because I admire Julia Gillard hugely, and I can’t imagine anyone not admiring her.

  2. Substance is obviously “in” this year and the working lads who read “Ralph” find a woman who’s prepared to fight for their rights sexy!

  3. Well she is sexy. A smart, funny, powerful redhead with a strong personality and very nice pins.
    What’s not to get hot about?

  4. Ah but she could have been voted number 1 if only she’d had the right style advice – perhaps her mother could speak to her: “Listen Julia, I’ve got just one word for you …. pastels!”

  5. Good column from Annabel Crabb, putting the Ralph stuff into proportion, and quoting from Gillard’s rollicking time in Parliament this week:

    The past few months have brought her treats galore: a regal new office, death to her political enemies, and a mountainous pile of bright orange Work Choices merchandising items with which to belabour her opposite number, Julie Bishop, in question time.
    Every day this week, she has tripped happily into the chamber with a new armful of Work Choices bumf, printed in haste by the previous government and since discovered in Canberra’s bureaucratic warehouses and shredder queues by the invading Labor army. (Note to all departing governments: if you are going to burn the villages as you retreat, be sure to burn them thoroughly.)
    On Monday, it was Work Choices booklets. On Tuesday, it was Work Choices mousemats. And yesterday, Australia’s Deputy Sexpot arrived toting Work Choices folders, pens, postcards and the promise of fridge magnets.
    She has generously offered to supplement the Opposition’s stationery allowance (and it is a kind offer; in the current round of belt-tightening in Kevin Rudd’s Canberra, a wide-ranging pencil freeze can’t be too far away) with as much of the Work Choices merch as they can carry.
    “Mr Speaker, I am alert and alarmed,” she trilled, as Mr Rudd cheerily popped a bright orange ballpoint over the barrier to Brendan Nelson. “You can’t turn a corner in Canberra without Work Choices propaganda cascading on top of you. It’s just remarkable.”

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    [Disemvowelled, and enhanced with Le Mark de Trole. ~lauredhel]

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    [Moderator note: disemvoweled as a comment which degrades women][and some gravatar fun was had]

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