Launching: Holla Back Australia!

Women have been exposing their harassers and attackers on Hollaback NYC and the other North American Hollabacks for three years now.

So sajbrfem and I have decided to launch:

Holla Back Australia!

It’s empty right now, of course – so if you’ve been shouted at, leered at, masturbated at, or groped while out and about in Oz, or know someone who has, come and holla back at the asshats, pillocks, and douchebags of this wide brown land. Send your stories and photos in to Please also spread the word through your blogs.

We’ll be making improvements to HBA bit by bit, including a blogroll focussing on Australian feminism. I’m especially keen on submissions of any sites dealing with, offering information on, or supporting victims of violence or sexual harassment services in Australia. If you have any links, please drop me a line.

Cheers, and have a safe day free of harassment!

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