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For anyone who is trying to fool themselves that the next generation is inheriting a ‘postfeminist’ world, read Hell On Hairy Legs’ summary of a day in the life of a feminist highschooler.

This is what my schedule looks like on a Thursday:

Maths: 20 white guys in a 25 person class. The results are not pretty.

Chemistry: We learn how humanity has screwed up the environment and how we’re all screwed. In our spiffy extra credit in-depth study we also learn that nobody really cares.

Recess: “Progressive” group makes jokes about gang rape and I start playing bingo.

History: Women are a paragraph in every chapter or a chapter in every book.

French: Every noun is gendered; males take precedence over females in groups. There is no equivalent of Ms.

Lunch: Random White Guy “I don’t know why you feminists are so angry.”

English: Books written by white guys about white guys.

Then I have a 50/50 chance of being yelled and/ or honked at while I walk home. ’Tis delightful.

Here is the Hollaback Australia Website if you want to email photos or stories of harassment. The sidebar has links to other Hollaback websites.


Woke Up Disabled“: vassilissa talks about the “Woke Up Female” genre of genderswap fanfic, and wonders what a “Woke Up Disabled” genre might look like. Excerpt:

Well, today I realised that there’s another genre waiting(?) to be written: Woke Up Disabled. And unlike Woke Up Female or Woke Up Black (Woke Up Gay is debatable) this one could actually happen. To anyone reading this.


And I can just see the fanfic now. It wouldn’t be played for wacky hijinks like Woke Up Female and Woke Up Gay often are. It would be played for angst and hurt/comfort. Emphatically, it would *not* lead to the suddenly-disabled person finding (as the suddenly-female characters sometimes do) that the strangest and/or most frustrating part of his situation is how differently people treat him.

But that *is* the experience of a lot of disabled people. That it’s like being female, or being black, in this society: a huge part of the suck is that society caters best for an ideal that does not include you, and is indifferent or actively hostile to your needs.

[h/t to baroquestar]


Twisty uncovers this invaluable daily-living hint from a Bra Fitting Advice page’s “FAQs About Panties”:

What is the proper way to put on a panty?

Well, for starters, try one leg at a time, no matter how famous or important you are. Step both legs into your panty, then pull it up until the waistband is at the desired location. Check and make sure your crotch is centered and pulled forward. Now, starting at the sides, run your fingers along and under the elastic of the leg openings towards the back to make sure the back panel is properly cupping your buttocks. Finally, run your fingers around the inside of the waistband to set it evenly at the waist.

Have you, too, been doing it wrong all this time?

So much wrong with this FAQ, it really deserves a post of its own. Who knew that a lacy bra was an effective treatment for depression in women? That women wear “pantliners” (WTF?) to eliminate Visible Panty Line when they don’t like G-strings? That your breasts “should” sit midway between your waist and your clavicles? Get out those tape measures!

To their “I want control but don’t want a girdle. What are my options?“, I say: Keep fighting the good feminist fight, women. We’ll get there one day.

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  1. I found the “woke up disabled” LJ entry really interesting. I’m trying to think of examples of fanfiction that I’ve read that addresses disability in a sensitive and dignified way. I know that there are a fair few Harry Potter fics that looks at Remus Lupin’s lycanthropy as a disability. Actually, one of the best that I’ve read was an AU fic in which Remus and Sirius were muggles (or rather, there was no wizarding world) during WWII and Remus was unable to enlist because he had epilepsy. The whole thing was beautifully done (and I have to say that I read the fic that vassalissa was talking about in her post, and even though I’ve never encountered that fandom before, I thought it was excellent).


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