Best Mother’s Day present ever

So you’ll never guess what I got for Mother’s Day… a new native garden outside my window!

This was the previous outlook from my bedroom window:


A little bleak, no? More:


You can see that the bricks are all coming up from the roots of that pigawful tree.

And now! Well, it might not look all that much yet, the plants being small, but they’ll grow.



Isn’t it going to be nice? We’ll get a bigger tray for the birdbath, of course. And we’re waiting on a shipment from Mulchnet. And one day we’ll repaint the house exterior. (One day.)

A few individual plants: Kunzea


Scarlet banksia


I forget the name and the tag didn’t come home with us – anyone?


And there are three kangaroo paws, too.

The border is still just your bog standard annuals from Bunnings. (We might put in native herbs later.) I like the pansies.


We’ve also pulled up the lawn out the back, and we have native groundcover to put in. Apparently it grows actual taproots, so you don’t have to water it at all after the first season.

The plants are all from Lullfitz.

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  1. I’m a gardener too, Lauredhel, and I can see what your view will look like – a grand improvement on the old one. My herb garden looks much like your native garden at present, but I can see what it will look like.
    I read somewhere (in one of my gardening books, maybe?), that gardeners are very hopeful people, because they are always planning and looking to and imagining a flourishing future.
    Native groundcover… I’m interested. Can you tell me what it is?
    Deborahs last blog post..Mother’s Day

  2. I got it muddled with the groundcover Grevillea (“Gingin Gem”), which was our other choice, but it didn’t look good to walk on.
    The one we ended up getting is not a native (according to most sources), it’s Lippia, Phyla nodiflora. Can be invasive in the tropics, but the area we’re putting it in is completely surrounded by paving/shed/house, and we’re going to mow the flowers off when they appear. It seems to be one of the only non-lawn groundcovers that can handle traffic, as it’s in the area where the kids play, kick a soccer ball, etc. You’d have to check whether it’s ok in your area – our local Water Corporation has it on their “Recommended” list.
    And it couldn’t be any more invasive than the bloody couch.

  3. Your mystery plant is an eremophila but I don’t know which one. Common names are desert fuschia and turkey bush.

  4. Thanks Laura! That does narrow it down well, as Lullfitz only has one pink-flowering Eremophila in the catalogua – Eremophila racemosa, aka “Easter Egg Plant” or just “Emu Bush”.

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