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P.S. I took this shot on the weekend, of a bride slowly and oh so carefully picking her way through muddy ground to get to where the photographer wanted to take some arty shot. Why do people let wedding photographers bully them like this? Where did we lose sight of the idea that the wedding is meant to be about spending time with friends and family, and that is what the photographer should be recording, rather than adding to hir own portfolio by posing the newlyweds in arty shots?

The bullied bride

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  1. This is exactly why I had a friend of mine do the photography at my wedding. He got a few shots of us with the family in the parking lot, then the rest was candids at the reception. (Although obviously not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend who’s an excellent photographer with lots of high-end camera equipment.)
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  2. In my experience the brides are delighted to go to such extremes to have ‘unique’ photos of their ‘special day’. It makes paying the exorbitant fees worthwhile. And makes them feel like they’re a model on a fashion shoot, which is every girl’s dream is it not? (joke)
    I think most people have lost sight of the fact that a wedding is about the people and the commitment, and not about the dress/food/photos/stationery. Many couples breakup before they’ve paid for the wedding, because the wedding has cost as much as a mortgage downpayment.

  3. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of McCain, but I’m not sure how I feel about attacking him based on age-ism.

  4. And makes them feel like they’re a model on a fashion shoot, which is every girl’s dream is it not? (joke)

    That’s just what my friend said today, that the wedding photos have become a model shoot that displays The Dress (and the Buff Bride Accessories Collection) instead of being about capturing The Moment: what Respectable People do on their wedding day has become all about buying into the Wedding Industrial Complex instead of about focussing on celebrating a public avowal of commitment.
    It’s very much where are we going and why are we in this handbasket territory.

    I’m not sure how I feel about attacking him based on age-ism

    Yes, they spend rather a lot of space defensively explaining that they are too not ageist, so there, L.M. The site is nonetheless an interesting reminder of how many cultural icons have been around for less than 70 years.

  5. Hillary will not get a “McCain” chance in a few years – old women are considered much scarier and repulsive by Western society than old men, the “old crone” stereotype

  6. I put myself through uni by doing wedding videography/photos, and let me tell you, the pressure comes not from the photographer, but the bridezilla herself. She’s spent thousands on hair, makeup, frocks, etc etc and BY THE GHODS she will look like a model, thankyouverymuch.
    If you don’t make her Look Like A Model, its your fault, not the bride’s, and there will be much foot stamping and pouting.

  7. I guess I’ve just never actually known a bridezilla, Jodes, and perhaps naively thought that the phenomenon was largely fictional. My friend’s weddings have always involved spending much less than an hour on staged photos so that the bubbly-quaffing isn’t too long delayed, and often involved most photos being taken by friends with cameras anyway.
    I certainly knew one woman, a teacher at a school the kids attended, who was kept away from the reception for over 2 hours and driven miles away in order to have lots of arty shots taken. It certainly wasn’t her idea, but she was a bit on the passive side, and MIL had paid for the photographer as well, so she and her bridegroom did what The Photographer said. She was absolutely knackered, and the guests were knackered and drunk, by the time they finally got to the reception.

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