I met this guy in Hyde Park today: big bubbles, no trouble (as they say in the classics)

Mr Incredibubble:

His name’s Justin, and he’s cool. I’ll post some of my photos once I’ve got them Flickr’d. Here’s some of my photos below – the grey sky was actually terrific – apparently the bubbles sparkle much more on a sunny day, but you don’t get the same vivid iridescence and strong reflections in the bubbles. Sticking my head inside a bubble as the breeze blew it bigger and bigger beyond me totally brought out my inner little kid. Dear Reader, I Grinned Like A Loon.

See the larger images at my Flickr pages

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  1. The world is a better place for people like him hey?

  2. Totally! I came upon him just as some enthralled kids got taken away, so I didn’t get to take shots of their grinning faces, but most of the office workers walking past at least raised a smile. He must be lowering blood pressure all over the city.

  3. Dear tigtog, I’d be grinning like a loon too. What a guy, I want him to visit here!

  4. Wow those photos are great. Thanks for the info, Im certainly going to try and take the kidlets to be put inside a bubble i think they will think its such a giggle

  5. Oh, I bet they will be thrilled, WW. Come back and tell us how it goes, and if you put some photos up, link please?

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