Visceral image-jolt

I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever worked at an emergency department knows what jolted me about this image.


It took me quite a while to figure out what the advertisers were actually getting at. I wonder if anyone in the ad department saw what I saw? If so, brrrrr.

[via copyranter.]

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  1. So, what do you see?
    Kaethes last blog post..My Father is David Sedaris’ Mother

  2. wow. that is fucked up on so many levels.

  3. That image is extremely disturbing on several levels.

  4. i see what you see, lauredhel.
    first the abuse of women is used to promote the protection of animals, now the protection of the environment. wtf?? what about protecting women themselves?
    ladoctoritas last blog post..cover girls, take 2

  5. I see how pale and grey she is. And that makes it disturbing enough. But I feel like I’m missing something now, and it’s got me curious.
    amandaws last blog post..New location

  6. Charcoal? As in sweet young thing has a woe is me moment and decides to take an overdose and is rushed to hospital to suck on the black drink?

  7. Blood. I thought it was blood at first. I still think it looks like she is puking blood, even after I read it and can see that they want me to think it is oil, it still looks like blood.

  8. I see what AOF saw. Charcoal, and the after-effects of trying to bring someone back from an OD.
    Brooklynites last blog post..More on "Sweetie."

  9. If that fluid from her mouth was red rather than black she’d look like she’d been punched in the mouth. Pretty common sight in most EDs.

  10. Another outspoken female and brooklynite saw what I saw. A very thin, glammed-up, but deathly-ill looking woman vomiting or refusing to take charcoal, (or too sedated to swallow it and being propped up so she doesn’t choke, though her eyes are too open). The charcoal is administered after a poisoning overdose.
    This is _exactly_ what the activated charcoal/sorbitol suspension looks like dribbling back out of someone’s mouth. And I thought – well, suicide chic is a giant leap down from heroin chic, but I’m not exactly surprised.

  11. My first thought on seeing the image was that it looked like a blood=oil/abuse/punch in the mouth metaphor (either that or she has taken a huge bite out of someone), but after a closer look and reading the text on the image “16 million gallons of oil were consumed to make plastic water bottles” I definitely think they were aiming for the oil overdose/vomit metaphor. Blergh. (Blergh either way really).

  12. And of course we are addicted to oil, so the image makes sense in that way. But if we really want to talk about oil addiction, shouldn’t it be Dick Cheney puking it up, and not some skinny glammed-out white woman?

  13. I would have thought “blood” and imagined her teeth bashed out by assault/domestic violence or lung/stomach hemmorhage EXCEPT for the fact that last year I twice was bedside in the emergency room with a loved one who had tried suicide by pills. Thus I thought liquid charcoal at once. No matter whether one thinks charcoal or blood, however, it is an extremely triggering image which should not be used for cheap commercial purposes. Partnering it with a thin, attractive young female model is particularly disgusting–oh, the sexiness of abused and/or nearly dead women! Rape culture won’t be whittled down until images like this are protested out of major media.

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