Strewth, that’s what this country needs, the word “gormless” as a political slur

turnbull.jpgTurnbull puts his credibility on the line

MALCOLM Turnbull has offered his experience in merchant banking and business as underlining his economic credibility and attacked Wayne Swan as gormless, gutless and opposed to individual enterprise.

It’s doesn’t quite have the quaint ring of “hasn’t got the ticker” though, and it certainly doesn’t come close to the devastating assessment of “all tip, no iceberg”.

Turnbull’s slang just doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

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  1. Malc’s good that way. He also criticised Swan for making ’swingeing cuts’. I was typing that one at work and had to look it up to make sure he wasn’t making it up.

  2. He’ll bring out “snicker-snee” next, mark my words.

  3. Politics really is all about talking about the phantasamagorical Jabberwock, and then slaying it with your hyperbolical vorpal sword, after all.

  4. His mimsy is outgrabing at an alarming speed!

  5. Actually, “gormless”, at only two syllables, is an improvement in tendencies of politicians to add more and more syllables to everything. It’s a great anglosaxon term! Gormless is actually a lot more relevant than “lacking ticker” as it implies a lack of understanding and intelligence – something critical to a treasurer (or indeed any pollie).
    Some of the wiktionary gormless quotes going from E.Bronte through to J.K.Rowling.

  6. Tut, tut, Tigtog- his mome raths are outgrabing :).
    And I never knew a politician who embodied the whimsical aspect of mimsy less.

  7. Oh don’t mind me- ignore that last. Slow on the uptake this morning.

  8. No worries, su – I’m glad that you eventually decided that the misquote was intentional. You were correct.

  9. In my defence the reason it takes me 6 whole minutes to get a joke is because I have a VERY large brain and the messages have further to travel.

  10. He can pick his nose with his thumb?

  11. I think you’ll find that he’s cocking a snook there, E (the rapscallion!).
    I just couldn’t resist that photo when I found it.

  12. “You gormless snake!” Hey, I don’t mind that…

  13. I think Paul Keating was way better at that sport though…

  14. Su – LOLZ.
    I like “gormless”. Using it is a point in Malcolm’s favour. Pity there are about 70.000,000,000,000,000 data points not in his favour.

  15. Actually, I kinda like gormless as well, which is why I resent Malcolm using it, aside from the fact that the word and he go together just about as well as argyle socks with leopard print.

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