The torture-murder of the toddler twins in Queensland

Helen on the Balcony says all that needs to be said.

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  1. If that defence proves to be a goer it will be a disgrace, a disgrace for how the system sees the role of fathers and how some fathers see their own role.
    You might be interested in the following discussion on a mainstream newspaper website about a footy side preparing to pay “tribute” to one of their members:,22023,23892390-661,00.html

  2. That’s one big slab of stoush going on there, Darlene. The footy club’s crossed a line, I reckon: no doubt there’s lots that we don’t know about this man and what drove him to murder-suicide, and no doubt in his time he was someone the club regarded highly. But when someone’s committed murder it’s wrong for a public organisation to make a public gesture of mourning for them in this way. I can totally understand why the dead woman’s son is so angry.

  3. Bros before Hos, Tigtog.

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