Sometimes, you see all you need to know within 5 seconds of flipping channels

  • Movie: ice and snow everywhere.

    Two men in front of bookshelves, one throwing all the books out.

    Second man objects – “these aren’t just books, they’re art!”

    First man (striking stoic squarejawed three-quarter turned pose) – “no they’re not, they’re fuel”

  • Cut to flames in fireplace, burning book (obviously never a Boy Scout, had not pulled pages out and crumpled them like any fule kno to do). Camera closes in on title (I kid you not) – Milton’s Paradise Lost.
  • Cut to snow covered hills sporting iconic HOLLYWOOD sign. An avalanche sweeps the letters away.

Strewth – just a little bit heavyhanded on the meaningful symbology or what? I’ve seen enough, thanks.

The teev program tells me that this movie is titled “Ice”, and it’s one of those overblown frozen northern hemisphere global-warming disaster movies that only makes people distrust actual climate science because its premises are so exaggerated. I’m mildly curious to know how pathetically it rated over at, but not so much that I’m actually going to do a search.

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  1. I saw that movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where they were burning books to keep warm – while sitting in a library full of wooden shelves and wooden furniture! If this show follows the movie’s path, you chose wisely!

  2. I loved TDAT. If you want a whole bunch of cheap laughs, you should watch the film Roland Emmerich directed after that, 10,000 BC. It’s got a Wooly Mammoth hunt, characters being attacked in succession by a Terror Bird and a Sabre Tooth Tiger (don’t ask, I didn’t, I just laughed), and, inexplicably, a bunch of aliens/mysterious God-like foreigners (not sure which) with an army of slaves, setting up Egypt’s pyramids.
    It’s one of the most incoherent Hollywood plots I’ve ever encountered, and that’s saying something. At the same time, Emmerich is such a shameless director, and the ideas he has are so fun, that I just have to watch his films.
    Ahem. As it were.

  3. Awesome. I collect burning book sequences in movies. It’s almost always someone burning the last remaining Bible or something.

  4. No doubt the First Man was head of the skool captane of everything and winer of the mrs joyful prize for rafia work chiz…

  5. Aha! My nefarious ploy to entice those who know the secrets of St Custards to unmask has borne fruit!
    Reminds me of a link I haven’t chased up for a while, you may have already seen it – shared it with Dr Cat a while back – rustletaptaprustlethrufiles – ah yes, the Harry Potter crossover – Ho for Hoggwarts!
    Down with wet and weedy muggle subjekts such as fr. lat. geog. ect.! Up with POTIONS and LEVITATION chiz chiz!

  6. Yes I happily fell for your ploy hook line and sinker (hem hem). Ho for Hoggwarts! 🙂

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