Friday Hoyden (now with added Saturday*): funny fridge magnets etc

What other feminist funnies do you see around the place that make you smile? Add a link to an image in comments and I’ll use my Super-Duper Admin Powers to reveal it to other readers.

For those who wish to offer a contrast, what about those “feisty woman” funnies you see around the place that only reinforce stereotypes about men and women? Which ones do you loathe the most?

* Yeah, I know, this is late. I’m still recovering from some serious school extracurricular activities this week, and the monster thread elsewhere where some men are lecturing women all about breasts, and just winter (not great for my SAD).

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  1. I’ve got a postcard which has an anti-suffragette image on it. It’s a bunch of dowdily dressed women from the turn of the century waving their umbrellas and screaming under a sign that says:
    “GENERAL ELECTION. UP with the WOMEN. DOWN with the MEN.”
    I think it’s hilarious the way they’ve portrayed these women as scruffy hags who are anti-male. It’s somewhat neutralised on my wall by another postcard which says:
    “For a healthy, happy job… join the WOMEN’S LAND ARMY.”
    Women do have some worth after all and are capable of doing a man’s job.

  2. Sam, have you run across the ju-jitsu suffragettes before?
    Oh, the horrendous panic that some women might just possibly maybe be able to stop policemen battering them!

  3. It was not so much the sentiment as the location: I do my grocery shopping in Colac, depressing bogan town extraordinaire, and I was driving home after one particularly harrowing supermarket visit which included being shouted at by two old men, only to see a muddy car with the purple bumper sticker: I’LL BE A POST-FEMINIST IN THE POST-PATRIARCHY. It was extremely cheering.

  4. Like this one from NOW?

  5. You should send that bumper sticker to Adrien.

  6. That purple sticker: WANT.

  7. Fridge magnet, same style, woman winking into camera mischevously, says “When men stop being arseholes, I’ll stop being a bitch”
    [Found it! ~ tigtog]

  8. I like this one, which I found while googling “Stepford Wife.” Why? Long story…

  9. I like the multiple layers going on here:

  10. I love this one – the ‘I’m not a *feminist*, but…’ poster:

    I hate it when people say that! ‘Oh, I’m not a feminist, I just really love feminist things that give me human status while not acknowledging that I’m trying to also fit in with the patriarchy..’.. bleh.

  11. yerrrssss… Feminist is a four-letter-word these days.
    *where* did the marxist milkshake come from? it’s fabulous!

  12. Speedy, I think I first saw it on Feministe. Someone’s got T-shirts, I know that.

  13. ta for that, off to check right now. a shirt would be sooo goooood 🙂

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