Note to the neighbours

THANK YOU. Whoever saw a wallet nearby, thank you so much for picking it up and putting it in the letterbox.

As it happened, it belonged with next-door rather than us, but it has now been returned to its rightful owner. Great relief and gratitude ensued.

I love this street.

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  1. Bugger – in discussion with next-door this morning it appears that the money in the wallet was taken before it was placed in my letterbox.
    I’m choosing to believe that the person who took the money was not the same person who picked up the wallet and put it in my letterbox.
    As Her Next Door said, when we’re trying to teach our kids to be honest and that in the same situation the right action is to return both money and wallet, it’s hard to make them believe that lesson when that’s not what they’ve experienced themselves.

  2. Well can’t the kids learn that people are hurt when other people don’t do the right thing. And they are real people like you, even if you don’t know them.
    Not that I get this whole parenting thing. 😉

  3. I guess anything can be a teachable moment, but it’s just so much easier when you can say “emulate this great thing” rather than “avoid doing this crap thing”.

  4. So I suppose it’s Right Out to just shove a twenty back in the wallet and lie?

  5. There might be a Time and a Place for that sort of Santa-Clausing of the Truth, but it takes a certain amount of planning ahead. Engaging in such planning in the split-second before one opens the wallet to find it empty and then using sleight of hand to get a twenty into the wallet in front of teen-ish children? Without showing any misanthropic reaction to the empty wallet? That’s serious Super-Parent territory as far as the logistics go, although maybe not so great in terms of ethics.

  6. Just a joke. I would never recommend corruption the mind’s of our nation’s future. *cough*

  7. *is now rather curious as to the extent of Amanda’s Evil Auntly ways, and whether a costume is involved*

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