More classic sexist advertising


Wonder whether it generated any outrage when originally published? Nah, it’s “just a joke”.

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  1. Well Ricky would spank Lucy on television, so my guess is “no” . . .

  2. Yeah. Not surprised.
    I don’t know that it would make it today (without some extreme pornification of the woman, of course), but there are still those domestic discipline people.
    *sigh* indeed.

  3. And to add insult to this injury is that it is advertising pre-ground coffee so it has no chance whatsoever of being what it advertises to be.
    Bad taste in advertising accompanies bad taste in coffee
    Grendels last blog post..If it is not really food do the calories count?

  4. Sadly, my first thought on seeing that was:
    “If your husband ever finds out you’re not ‘store-testing’ for fresher coffee … if he discovers you’re really carrying on a torrid affair with the dry goods clerk, and think he spanks much better than your husband …”
    Disgusting little ad, though.

  5. Wow… I know it’s from a different era, but it’s still shocking that at one time it was acceptable to do an ad like that.
    Sadly, nightgigjo is probably right… With the right degree of pornification, there are certain places where this sort of ad would still appear!

  6. Today the woman would have to be wearing something vaguely BDSM-y and a vacant wide-mouthed expression. It’s sad that things haven’t changed more.

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