Thursday Cheezburger


I’ve a runner-up, but it does contain spoilers for the end of Doctor Who (New) season four, so it’s just a link – be warned.

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  1. That is just so perfectly cheesy.

  2. Oh, and I just submitted this one today:
    moar funny pictures – and you can vote for this one!
    The joke is actually one of mr tog’s, but I had to find the picture to suit it. We LOLled.

  3. My partner’s lolcat made it to the front page today… it’s the zombie one, can’t believe how exciting it is to get one on the front page!

  4. Oh, congrats to your partner marymary – I loved the zombie one!
    *ahem-quick trip to the internets*
    And here it is for all Hoydenizens to enjoy:
    more cat pictures – and you can vote for this one!

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