Saturday Links: “Ethnic” Food, Mother-Blaming, and more on sexy sports uniforms

Hoydenizen Vegan About Town has a terrific post up: “talking about things to eat (or: how the words people use to describe food make me feel like a freak)“. An excerpt:

I read Jay Rayner’s attempt at a week of veganism, where he suggests that “ethnic is the default position for the vegan.” I bet he uses ‘exotic’ ingredients in his cooking, too. I have an ethnicity; we all have ethnicities: the fact that the food I grew up with is easier to veganise than the stuff he ate as a child doesn’t make me ‘ethnic,’ it makes me Chinese. Using these words trivializes the decision I have made to be vegan, and it others my family and my whole freaking life, because using words like that aren’t just saying that I’m ‘different,’ they’re saying that I’m ‘other.’ And he is not alone in this, many people are guilty of this all the time. That you’re trying something you’ve never before heard of doesn’t make it ‘exotic,’ it makes it new to you.


Blue Milk looks at the latest instalment of the popular pastime of slut-shaming and mother-blaming: Lesson one in “Mother Blaming and Shaming”


Stephanie at Olympics Fanhouse takes on the bikini issue here: “In Beach Volleyball, Why Do Men Wear Shirts and Women Wear Bikinis?

The very first comment?

“Stephanie: You either ened counceling or some porn and some new batteries!”



Fuckpoliteness has More Olympic Grumbling. I love her take. Read the whole thing, but here’s a bit:

[…] what of the rest of society and the effects it has on us to keep reinforcing that women are for our visual appreciation/children/SEXAYYYY first, and anything else much much later…I mean really….what of the fact that every other woman (in fact every other man woman and child) in Australia is currently being subjected to the salivating lewd boring comments designed to signal one manly man to another how WELL you perform your manly masculinity over “Heheh…beach volleyball…hehe…hi five hot chicks for us…shall we wank to a porn video later” style comments.

I mean fucking REALLY??? Wow, you are just so UNIQUE for noticing and appreciating the oh so rare sight of young thin hairfree chicks in bikinis. It’s not just that you dig this image, I don’t give a good goddamn flying fuck what gets you off. Really.


We got Crikeyed, in “Stuff We Like“. ‘Tis a pleasure to share a page with yoof-of-today culture wars, an article built around an ableist slur, and a whine about the “Cult of Hillary worship”.


And lastly, a giggle, from Pundit Kitchen.


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8 replies

  1. Ha!
    I do that.
    I say that I love ethnic food fairly often.
    I shall stop.

  2. In that photo, the men appear to be screaming “MEEEEN, WE ARE MEEEEEN, MEEEEEEEN!!!
    Oh, and I also appreciate you continuing to highlight how different standards are applied to women and men in the olympics, so thanks.
    Mary Tracy9s last blog post..“Men Are Not The Default Humans”

  3. In that photo, the men appear to be screaming “MEEEEN, WE ARE MEEEEEN, MEEEEEEEN!!!

    Ah, that’s why I love the re-cast into cheesy super-camp band territory.

  4. That “giggle” put me out of commission for full thirty seconds.

  5. You know, I notice something. In every thread relating to the Olympic uniforms, the first apologia out of someone’s mouth is:
    “Well, the women must prefer it that way. It’s more comfortable/increases performance/whatever.”
    Well, no shit! Why then do the men wear something totally different? Do they not care to maximize performance? If it comes down to a difference in preference/taste why do they not allow both unis for the men and the women, and let them pick which works best for them?
    Oh yeah: because the women are watched as sex objects first, athletes second. And the men are athletes always.

  6. @amandaw: I watched the men last night–they were on in primetime here in the US–and they looked pretty darn comfortable in their tank and shorts combo.
    Probably more than a bikini; anyone who says that clearly hasn’t ever worn one. Wedgies ensue.
    Benes last blog post..Where Women Have Gone Before

  7. Not to spam, but in the same vein, the women’s marathon is on right now and a bunch of them have basically bikini type pants as their uniforms. I don’t know much about running, and if this is necessary or if it’s just…yeah.
    We’ll see what the snaps of the winners look like.

  8. Bene, I don’t know if you’ve ever done/watche any distance running, but men wear basically the same skin tight bikini bottoms. You just don’t want anything in the way of your legs after mile 24, plus anything that rubs can and will chafe. I started using lube for my inner thighs during races long before I used it for anything else. 🙂

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