In other important news, you will get wet if you walk in the rain

An ad on telly for some sort of “oil candle” that uses, as its tagline, as if this is a super-duper high tech feature, “WHEN THE OIL RUNS OUT, IT STOPS BURNING”.

So very unlike the home life of our own dear *wax* candles (and aren’t wicks stuck into oil traditionally known as a lamp?).

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  1. This is my husband’s favorite commercial. After it’s on he’ll mutter for a good 15 minutes under his breath saying things like, “And when the wood is gone, the fire goes out!” “When you turn off the light, it goes dark!” He brags that our home is full of things with these great new features that we just don’t appreciate.

  2. No, this is a generational thing I think – a workmate asked me how you plant vegies the other day and he wasn’t joking. When I brought up the growing from seed versus buying seedlings from the nursery issue (being lazy I prefer the latter) he asked what he’d put in the seed containers? “Earth from the garden, I guess?” I explained about potting mix. This is a guy whose computer skillz transcend mine by 1000%, and he’s not a shutin gaming type.

  3. My favourite strapline is always the “Nothing works better than…”. In which case save the money and use nothing.

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