63rd Carnival of the Feminists

I missed this last week! The Mind of Genevieve has published the 63rd Carnival of the Feminists.

There is plenty of reading on street harassment, video games, TV, not taking people’s crap, marketing, being queer in Lebanon, teenage parenting, the pro-choice movement, obligatory surgery for transpeople, complacency, women in Afghanistan jailed for being raped, John Edwards, interracial dating, and lots more. Check it out.

And a reminder: one week to go to submit August posts to the Down Under Feminists Carnival! Blue Milk is hosting the next one. Let’s make it a biggie – anything you’ve written, read, enjoyed, thought about: submit it! Right now there are a couple of people doing most of the heavy lifting on submitting, and a few more people getting enthusiastically involved would be great, and would increase the diversity further.

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