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  1. All my best thoughts, and for the residents of the Caribbean who have already been terribly affected.
    I’m currently plotting a much-dreamed-of visit to NOLA next year. Spike Lee’s series When the Levees Broke is heartbreaking if you can find a copy.

  2. I’ve already read a few posts from bloggers evacuating from the path of the storm. Best wishes to all of you.

  3. Pshh. Ain’t no CAT one anymore. It’s four. It’s gonne be another Katrina. If it is, I’ll start a fundraiser and send that money to fix it and give people homes. I’ll bet it’s gonna be a CAT 5 pretty soon.

  4. Thanks, y’all. Even if certain people in my nation’s capital don’t give a crap, it’s nice to know people all the way across the planet DO.

  5. As seems to be so often the case, disasters occur at once. Things are continuing to get worse in the floods of Northeast India, with a quarter of a million homes destroyed.

  6. Right now the storm looks to have weakened a bit, and the NHC according to:
    Profilesblog track is predicting a cat 3-4 at landfall around noon Monday

  7. Jezebella: We’re paying attention here in the Midwest and hoping things turn out for the best for you guys. (And praying, if that’s some people’s thing.)

  8. Latest from here in the US: the GOP has decided to scale back their convention due to Gustav.
    I’m not certain what they think this might do in terms of effectiveness or helping people.

  9. Chat and learn about Hurricane Gustov Online Volunteer efforts.


  10. The Guardian has a column about the preparations – at least the city’s buses evacuating people without their own transport have operated efficiently this time. There are still some people staying, but not very many.
    Jesse Taylor at Pandagon takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the Republican Convention, and commentors are pointing out how how Gustav hitting in the same week can only remind most people of how badly the Republican establishment screwed up Katrina.
    I still can’t forget my disbelief in how all the international volunteers after Katrina hit were refused visas to come to Louisiana and offer their disaster response expertise. Bush et al just kept on saying “we can handle it ourselves” as the casualties kept mounting. It made me so furious.

  11. I’m not certain what they think this might do in terms of effectiveness or helping people.
    Well it will help them PR-wise not to be seen to be whooping it up while a million or so people are driven from their homes particularly after the Katrina farce. I’m sure (hope) the Dems would have done the same thing.

  12. Amanda: I’m sure they would have. As for the RNC, in the light of their party’s massive failure with Katrina, this is being read by many here in the US as a pander, in hopes we’ll all forget.
    Not bloody likely. (And I hear FEMA is really not doing enough this time, despite the fact that the media is glowing about them.)

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