Don’t forget: McCain is a warmonger

Update September 12: Please consider this an open Reasons Not To Vote for McCain thread.
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There are many more reasons to be wary of Republican stalwart McCain than simply the anti-feminist planks in his platform – don’t forget his attitude to war in Iraq and potentially Iran. John McCain voted with Bush’s line 90% of the time: and you bet he wants a legacy of being a war president as well. Some of what military analysts and generals have to say is downright scary.

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  1. Related, one of the first times I have ever been proud of the corporate media.

  2. Only very vaguely related, but a “gotcha” of epic proportions:
    [ObAccessible: McCain described Hillary Clinton’s healthcare strategy as “putting lipstick on a pig”.]
    D’ye think they’ll ever stop with the melodramatic play-acting?
    And for a larf, check out ”Secret video showcases John McCain’s new campaign strategy”.

  3. polerin, that’s an excellent link. Olbermann laid it out beautifully about the Republican’s branding of 9-11TM. ETA: The point that if McCain does actually have a plan for catching Bin Laden and he’s keeping it to himself then that’s enabling terrorism is particularly telling. From the MSNBC transcript:

    I’d rather win an election than catch bin Laden! No more cynical calculation has ever been made in this nation’s history, Sir. If you lose the election, Senator, are you not going to tell the President-Elect?
    Are you intending to keep this a secret until the next election and your party’s next nominee? Senator, as you and your Republicans shed your phony, crocodile, opportunistic tears tomorrow on 9/11 TM, in front of the utterly disingenuous banner “Country First,” the fact is, you have shown that it is John McCain first, and the country last.
    The fact is, Sir, by holding out on your secret plan to catch bin Laden by searing those images into our collective wounded American psyche at your nomination last week, terrorists are not what you, John McCain, fight. Terrorists are what you, John McCain, use.

    Unfortunately, the corporate media doesn’t always do so well. They still don’t want to come out and tell the world that John McCain called his wife a cunt in front of the press.

  4. polerin, I turned your link into a post over at Larvatus Prodeo – LP’s been colonised by a few GOP shills lately so it will be interesting to see what reaction it gets.

  5. A couple more good ones:
    From reacting to a McCain-Palin attack ad on Obama – McCain-Palin distorts our finding – “Those attacks on Palin that we debunked didn’t come from Obama.”
    Obama and McCain – Truth and Distortion – exhaustively fact-checked article that encourages everyone to do the same, and shows how it’s overwhelming the McCain campaign that’s engaging in dirty tricks.
    ETA: Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife’s drug abuse – cover-up city, folks!

  6. Joe Biden shows one reason he was a good pick for VP by Obama: he attacks McCain-Palin for their silence on the issues (from last week):

    They announced the unemployment figures nationwide. For the eighth month in a row, Americans have lost jobs. We have lost 604,000 jobs in a America, just this calendar year. We’re in a position where we had 84,000 lost jobs, shattered dreams, broken homes that occurred as a consequence of this loss of work just in the month of August. We now have 6.1 percent of the American work force idle. And you know what that means.
    When a man or woman loses their job, they not only lose their income, they lose their sense of dignity, they lose who their identity, who they are. That’s how we identify ourselves. That’s how we’re brought up. That’s how in my neighborhood and yours, you’re identified. You’re identified by your willingness to work hard, your willingness to do the right thing, your willingness to show up every day and provide for your family. And so it’s not merely a lost job. It’s a lost sense of identity that occurs. And I don’t think my Republican friends — this ain’t your father’s Republican Party, by the way. This is a different Republican Party.
    “It’s not merely a lost job, it’s a lost sense of identity. I don’t think my Republican friends — and this is not your father’s Republican party, by the way. So folks, when I listen to the parts of the Republican convention I can hear…it’s not what I heard, it’s what I didn’t hear. The silence of the Republican party was deafening. It was deafening on jobs, on health care, on the environment, on all the things that matter to the people in the neighborhood’s I grew up in. Deafening! Their America is not the America I live in. They see something different than I see.
    “Rick Davis, John’s campaign manager, said ‘this election is not about issues.’ Everything I saw at the convention demonstrated that.
    “What do you talk about about when you have nothing to say? What do you talk about when you can’t explain the last eight years of failure?”

    Speech on YouTube
    Transcript on CNN (scroll down towards the bottom of the page)

    Obama supporters are foolish to think that he will never betray them.
    Obama was a close friend of Pastor Wright for TWENTY YEARS.
    Obama threw Wright under the bus for personal ambition.
    McCain would not betray his country even after 5 years of torture.
    You can put lipstick on a traitor, but he’s still a traitor.

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