Nanofic meme: Do you remember…?

I know, I know, it’s a meme, but it is a fun, creative and participatory one. It’s been going around livejournal lately.

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now,(even if we don’t speak often or ever) please post a comment with a completely made up and fictional memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want – good or bad – but it has to be fake.

You are welcome to make it a fictional memory of you and me, you and tigtog, or you and me and tigtog. Or to incorporate aforeposted memories into yours. Or whatever you like.

[Memory Lane image courtesy of (Erik) on flickr.]

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  1. I remember when we drove down to San Tropez and we stopped at Château Minuty only to have the both of us so pickled doing wine tasting that we had to leave the car there!
    That taxi journey from the vineyard was an interesting one, but the dinner in the restaurant just past the dock was just amazing. I will never forget that sea bass salad!
    Well, after the cocktails in the Café de Paris (a hideous place, I know, but we did enjoy those Mojitos) and then getting lost on the way back to the hotel, that little jazz bar was just a perfect end to the evening!
    Shall we do the same next year?

  2. I remember when you, myself and tigtog went out for drinks at that awesome science fiction-themed bar, and then I fell off of my bar stool, even though I hadn’t even been drinking! Good times.

  3. You remember that time when we were living permanently in the caravan park because I was working on my thesis and not bringing in any money?
    Then you lost your job at Aldi because that prick of an ex kept stalking you, so for about three months we couldn’t pay the rent.
    Every time the manager dude from the caravan park came around to bang on the door we’d have to squish ourselves under the table in the kitchen nook. It was hilarious!
    Once we were stuck under there for about 20 mins and I was busting to pee and you kept making me laugh!

  4. Like Emily S’s, my memory immediately flew to Europe and the day we went to the Florentine jeweller on the Ponte Vecchio, where you bought a square-cut sapphire and I bought a silver chain. It was hazy and muggy, about three o’clock in the afternoon on a day in early summer, and a nearby child threw up on his mother’s Jimmy Choos.

  5. I remember when the three of us borrowed my uncle’s sailboat and cruised around Lake Michigan for a couple of days. The afternoon we spent wandering around Ludington with our ice cream cones was one of the best times I’ve ever had.

  6. Also, I’m totally stealing this meme.

  7. I remember that time we went cross-country skiing and that blizzard came up and we had to shelter in the emergency hut. Everything was quiet with our thermos and spacefood sticks in front of the fire, until those SES trainees turned up with that OP rum and ended up challenging all comers to a fart-lighting contest (which you won).

  8. I remember when we all visited my parents house out west of Port Macquarie; it was close to 40 degrees, and we went swimming in the river. Later that afternoon a storm rolled in off the hills, and the thunder was so loud it sounded like bombs exploding next door. When it cleared, we had a barbeque, and drank red wine into the evening.

  9. I remember when we were such young hobbits! We’d steal veggies and sit around smoking leaf and then that damned freaky horse-thing turned up and buggered everything! Still…good times.

  10. I remember getting lost in the kelp forest looking for otters. At last I followed an anchor chain to the surface and there you were, grinning at me from the deck, mojitos in hand.

  11. Remember that time you were slinging around Neptune to pick up some rays, but I’d been assigned to MarsN101008 for another 6 picons? When you merged with the mothership’s datacore and were assigned your new mission, we rigged a gravity line between your hull and my transmat so we could snag the orbit for a final goodbye before the upload.
    Good times!

  12. Look, how could I ever forget meeting you and tigtog for the first time at the 26th Berlin Hoyden Alliance Conference, Tea Party & Black Sabbath, summoning demonic entities to animate the bronze statues of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in Marx-Engels-Platz and then swapping cheesecake recipes while supping on strawberry daiquiris as capitalism was crushed under their giant feet?

  13. ZOMG remember when we wuz totally leet and like zerged those Alliance nubs in AV…that wuz teh roxxor duuude.

  14. Remember when we went out to that most amusing Karaoke bar? I just had no idea you could sing like that. What a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that was!…No idea!

  15. Do you remember when you were at my sister’s birthday party and I was wearing that huge orange and yellow poncho with all the fringey bits, and that papier mache chihuahua? And you came as a pirate? Your pirate dancing was so good that I almost burned my eyebrows when I jumped too close to the twin firetwirling lobsters! And then, do you remember, that bird, that bird with the cigarettes, flew in through the window and started singing Bollywood tunes? How he sparkled like a diamond during Om Shanti Om! And then you remember we followed him out into the yard where it lured us into that box with the christmas lights all around? And he made us take our shoes off? And your shoe wouldn’t come off and you panicked and we ended up cutting the laces with the usb that had my thesis on it that I carried absolutely everywhere? And it turned out that the bird just wanted the tomato sandwiches that you had in your pockets, to pay for his knee reconstruction? We shimmied and hula-ed all night under the magical shine of those christmas lights. Those were good times.

  16. I feel kind of stoopid because everyone else seems to remember all the crazy stuff. (Which I also do too you know: I mean that time with Tim the Terrified Terrorist in the Beaujolais vineyard?Etched in my head forever). But mainly what I remember is Sunday afternoons with dirty plates on the Sunday papers, and rain pouring down outside, and trying not to feel guilty over all the gallons of Milo we used to drink. And how one of us would get enraged by something we had just read and lie on the floor raving or fulminating or even, sometimes, crying about it. And how we never had to explain why we felt like that: we were just three women sheltering from the storms outside. Who could go walking through the scary places in each others heads just as bravely or as softly as we did inside our own.

  17. I was thinking the other day about when we were at school,I suppose we were around 13? We weren’t meant to be sitting inside at lunch but it was February, and grey and the cafeteria smelt of sour milk. We ended up hiding in the toilet block and you wrote ‘James’ in a heart on the stall door (it stayed there for years,actually) and we tried to make a tune by flushing the toilets in succession. It didn’t work, obviously. But it was fun.

  18. You may not remember, but I do. I remember everything.

  19. I remember our first meeting, when we were wandering down the street looking for a nice cafe to have a coffee and a chat and those hoons yelled out the car window at us. I will never in my life forget the look on their faces when you yelled back at them, and made them realise how small their penises really were. Magic.

  20. I remember that time at summer camp when we overturned the canoe! The counselors never did believe it was all my idea, but there you go.

  21. Remember the eighteenth century? I earned a ha’penny shining a gentleman’s shoes while you stole a shilling from his pocketbook. Then the damn diphtheria took you away. Ah… hey nonny non.

  22. Remember when we were little and wanted to go to the park to feed the ducks? I wore my new red wellingtons to splash in the puddles the rain had left, while you whizzed round faster than lightning all the way there on your new scooter. But when we got to the park we were so scared by the swans that hissed at us, demanding bread crusts with menaces, that your grandma had to take us straight back home.

  23. Do you remember the crazy drive we went on once, where the rule was that we had to go east or as east as possible at every road intersection? And the only way to stop was if we found ice cream. We kept hoping we hit ice cream before we hit the ocean.
    That was some good ice cream.

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