Mount Franklin Breast Cancer ads. Let’s start a Brown Colon Cancer Awareness campaign.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. The latest in the Mmm, Sexy Pink Breast Cancer! Save The Boobies Awareness sweepstakes comes from Mount Franklin, purveyors of pointless, wasteful, plastic-ridden, environmentally unfriendly bottled water.

They’ve been doing the pink lids for a while, but these “every mouthful” advertisements are new.


Two water bottles with pink lids, photographed from above. See? They look like boobs! Boobies that could fit in your mouth! Cancer’s so sexy! Hahahaha!

The text reads:

Every mouthful helps
for breast cancer research

This kicks off our contest for photoshopped brown colon cancer awareness producternalia. Add your contributions here. Just post a link to your small or medium sized image, and the admins will do the image magic to make it appear.

[Pointer via Karina’s comment at The Dawn Chorus.]

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  1. …you mean we can’t do one for testicular cancer?

  2. Feel free to be creative!

  3. Oh dear god at last – the opportunity for a poo joke.

    Grendels last blog post..Friday Night Music

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for mentioning these horrible ads. There’s a huge, 3D (so it’s even easier to get the ‘boobs’ reference, of course) billboard at the intersection of two major roads near where I live in Sydney, and every time I pass it I want to scream and throw things.
    Bring on the colon cancer awareness ads. I just wish I were clever/creative enough to make one myself!

  5. Grendel, whatever they’re paying you, it isn’t enough.
    You should get your mother onto them.

  6. Yes, thank you. I wanted a camera so bad to capture the 3D version at my nearest bus stop.
    Is this a giant, tasteless, breast effigy I see before me? I found the 3D protruding version especially bull when with my mother, who’s had breast cancer, and there’s this idiotic reference to breasts as some universal pinkified teat for consumerism protruding out at her.

  7. Grendel–that’s brilliant! I love it!

  8. What Pavlov’s Cat said. 🙂

  9. Thank you very much for the Hoydens for providing my first legitimate opportunity for a poo joke on two blogs at once!
    Grendels last blog post..Friday Night Music

  10. Grendel, so clever!
    But I have to say Bene’s is exceptional.
    Of course we have to campaign for awareness of testicular cancer. The boys can get so paranoid anyway about all the attention girls get, so here is their chance.

  11. This is my first exposure to water bottles as breasts but I have to say this is completely disgusting.
    Renees last blog post..The Post Racial, Multi Cultural World: Get Your Avoid My Privilege Card Here

  12. Is it just me or do they look more like breast implants than breasts?
    Grendels last blog post..Poo!

  13. Definitely like implants… We all know that women are “the big breasts” of the world, not just sexy, but also nurturing. We look after everyone! Not many give a shit about, um, shit, but a tit is always worth attention. I like your work Grendel and Bene has balls! What a great post and I have so enjoyed the comments.

  14. I don’t have the time to play visually, but I have a mental image, like an earworm, of a twisty, lumpy colon, chocolate brown, arranged like a dairy milk chocolate block [blocked, geddit?]. Dunno what the caption would be, but it needs to look… chocolate-y. Sorry, that’s as far as it goes.

  15. Grendel- That’s awesome. A friend of my mom’s sadly passed away from colon cancer, but I remember when he was in remission for a while, and one of the things he’d say to kind of break the ice about how he was doing after his first surgery was to inform everyone that he was doing fine, but that he was grateful for his editing background, as he was now in possession of a semi-colon. 🙂

  16. I’ve added one to the Hoydens flickr group.

  17. oops
    [moderator note – sorted the code, Zoe ~ tigtog]

  18. Perhaps pushing the boundaries of good taste a little here– but no more than Mount Franklin (somewhat NSFW):
    Help Crack Colon Cancer

  19. Are the ads only targeting males. Are the advertisers not interested in selling their water to females in the population? Oh I forgot, advertisers say that there is one thing about females – if you tell them they need it, they will buy it. The only way to change ads (I think) is for women to start complaining and to stop buying.

  20. You all totally win the internets.

  21. Pinkwashing is really freaky to me. It’s fear mongering and insulting. Glad there are others who feel the same way. Great pics for colon cancer.

  22. I’m either fashionably late, or just slow.
    My contribution, inspired by those “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” t-shirts with the prominent target logos.

  23. Aphie, your link didn’t come through – drop it to me and I’ll insert it.

  24. Cheers, laured. Don’t know what happened there. :/

  25. Ok. I thought I had seen it all.
    Thank you Jeanne for sending me here. These “ads” are why I think we need parity for other cancers. Maybe then they could see how absurd and insulting many of the pink ads & products are.
    debutaunts last blog post..October 21, 2005

  26. From today’s “Plucked from the wire” post by Lauredhel:
    Titties and Beer for Breast Cancer Awareness:
    Jingle Jugs, the giant dancing wall-mounted breasts that sing “Titties and Beer”, are available in a pink ribbon breast cancer awareness version. Go, crazysexycancer! *vomit*
    If you go to the sight it assures you that the singing dancing ‘titties’ will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The only way I’d smile in regards to that monstrously insulting idea is if I was daydreaming about kicking an owner of a set of Jingle Jugs in the balls while shouting “Titties and BEER???”. I might smile quite broadly then.

  27. I spent half the day writing about this topic. I actually found a site called – Be a Man: Self Exam. Looking at all the ads, it makes me wonder if the teehee boobies type of humor is saved for pinking. I wish there were more ads posted here. I swear the ones your readers created are by far more effective that many of what I saw today.

  28. Yes, thank you. I wanted a camera so bad for the 3D version of my nearest bus stop
    colon’s last blog post..The Earliest Signs of Prostate Cancer


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