This is dubious. “Bronze Boy Holding a Girl Up“, at Overstock.



This is disturbing. Wired’s Threat Level blog: “$2 Million Texas Surveillance System Nets 500 Lbs of Pot

Wired explains:

The expensive system of 13 closed-circuit cameras placed along the Rio Grande — which is billed as a “virtual stakeout” for “virtual deputies” — involves images from the cameras that are streamed online. Members of the public are invited to serve as “virtual deputies” by watching the images and reporting any suspicious activity they see.


This is thought-provoking. blue milk: How to explain ‘desire’?

blue milk writes:

How do you explain the desire to be a mother? How do you explain a desire, a very strong desire, one of the strongest you’ve experienced to someone who doesn’t share that same desire? It must be as difficult as explaining sexual desire to someone without a libido. […]

But continually discussing the miseries of motherhood isn’t all that taboo, de Marneffe argued, denigrating more of women’s work is not really rocking any boat; owning your desire for children, your love of mothering, fighting for its legitimacy and value, that is the truly unspoken for mothers. Oh, there are plenty of ‘family values’ types and mothers’ day card producers willing to give voice to your desire, to articulate it and place it for you, but their understanding of the desire for motherhood is as limited as those who outright oppose motherhood.


This is engrossing. Cara’s Yoko Ono: A Feminist Analysis at The Curvature.

Introduction: Oh Yoko!

Part One: The Ballad of John and Yoko

Part Two: Don’t Let Me Down

Part Three: Woman

[stay tuned for the final part]


This is diverting: Doctor Who/Star Trek mashup “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 – Trek Through Time

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