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There were a number of great responses to the blather put out by Bettina on sex in marriage and women’s “fragile” libidos and I have gathered together a few of them here for those that may not have seen them. There are quite a few people out there who don’t agree with Bettina, and gosh they write well. Enjoy.

Bluemilk, Richie, Helen Elliott in The Age, and Virginia Haussegger in the Canberra Times. I know I’ve missed at least one really good response that I read last week, so if you have another one please link to it in comments. The previous post in response to Bettina Ardnt’s writing, by Lauredhel, is here.

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  1. Apologies to Fuckpoliteness who had already done a round up of these on her blog; and her great response to a Concern Troll

  2. No apologies, I wish that we had roundups like this posted on every street corner right now! The more, the definately merrier!
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Sad

  3. I so like Helen Elliot’s response.

  4. I just noticed this quotation from your Random Quotes in the RH sidebar and thought it was a very pertinent response to Bettina, too:

    I have always thought that one of the crucial features of the analysis of John Stuart Mill was his assertion that it was insufficient for women to be slaves, but that they must be willing slaves if patriarchy is to continue.
    Florence Nightingale

  5. Small thing – Helen Elliott has two ts at the end of her name.

  6. Thanks Kirsten, fixed now.

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