2 a.m. What The Fuck

You know that stuff I danced around about bottle imagery undermining breastfeeding messages? There’s more to say there, but for now…

Here’s todays 2 a.m. What The Fuck, from the Daily Mail:

Mothers win the right to breastfeed in all public places

softfocus background mother and child possibly nursing (unclear), foreground big shiny clean bottle with white milk in it and attached feeding teat

Just — why?

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  1. So…what about babies older than 6 months? Don’t you dare feed them in public, you nasty boob wagger, you!
    Baby steps, I suppose…

  2. I’m with you, Lauredhel – what the hell is that bottle doing in the photo in the first place, let alone as the focus of the image?
    I suspect that some stock image of mother with bub was pulled from a file and that the subeditor didn’t even notice that the bottle was there, because he’s so used to seeing bottles in such pictures that it didn’t register, which is of course exactly your point about how these pictures undermine the breastfeeding message.

  3. That picture makes no sense, in whatever context it is being used. If it’s to support breastfeeding, why is there a bottle in the foreground? Just in case someone walks in the room and she has to switch to a bottle so as not to offend anyone? If it’s to support formula, why is there a woman in the background breastfeeding? Or is it just to fuck with our heads and make us laugh at the absurdity of the mixed messages the media bombards us with constantly? I’m thinking the latter….

  4. Because some people still can’t wrap their heads around the notion that milk comes from boobies?
    Which gives me an excuse to cite the best line in Malcolm in the Middle ever, when Rhys and Malcolm accidentally attend one of their mum’s pre-natal classes and learn about breastfeeding.
    Rhys: So that means … WOMEN … are the COWS of PEOPLE???? *runs screaming in terror*

  5. *sigh* the saddest bit is that most people wouldn’t even notice that the presence of the bottle makes no sense 😦
    I initially thought this was about an australian issue and was confused since we already have the right to breastfeed in public, then I realised it was the UK and was very sad as I didn’t know that UK mums could get arrested for feeding in public. So now they can still get arrested if someone thinks that their baby is over 6 months…. and all babies grow at identical rates so that is always easy to tell.

  6. Yes, the bottle and the dummy are definitely the stock photo signs for babies.
    I’m going to imagine that this photo is telling the story of how the woman was going to bottle-feed and then she went hey, this breast-feeding thing is more convenient and enjoyable than I imagined.

  7. Wait, I’ve just figured it out! The woman was just about to feed the baby a bottle – then someone called her and told her about the new law, and she thought, “Hey, I can just breastfeed!”, and the bottle lies, abandoned and unloved, on the table’s edge.
    They doesn’t look like they’re in public, but you never know, maybe it’s a nice cafe?

  8. I think it has a sort of waiting-room feel to it…

  9. What the fuck is right.

    I think I have to use that for my wordless wednesday next week (with a link back to you of course!).

  10. Why did I click on that link? *head implodes*
    “What the fuck” doesn’t even sound adequate. The levels of wrong both in the picture and in the subject of the story. Are we supposed to jump up and down with joy that the nice men made it ok to breastfeed in public . .. but only up to six months because after that its just criminal, er, something? How kind of them. We really should bake them some cookies for being so generous. *puke*


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