Been way too long since the last astronomy nerd post

This one is just so elegantly composed. North America got a very pretty show this week from the Moon and Venus.

Moon and Morning Star
Credit & Copyright: David Cortner

From the Astronomy Picture of the Day website, where the quoted text below is full of linked definitions of terms:

Explanation: Wednesday, the Moon and Venus rose together in early morning skies. Even through clouds, both show off a lovely crescent in this well-composed skyscape from Rutherford College, North Carolina, in the eastern US. Farther west, North American skygazers could also witness the Moon passing in front of Venus. The bright planet disappeared behind the Moon’s sunlit crescent and reappeared along its darkened limb as morning twilight gave way to daylight hours. Of course the dimmer lunar crescent was waning, approaching today’s New Moon phase. Beginning a stint as the brilliant Morning Star, Venus’ crescent is waxing though, and will grow thicker in the coming months as Venus rises higher in morning skies.

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  1. That’s really quite wonderful.

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