So when James Bond opens his eyes to find himself surrounded by uninvited bad guys

..and he plays along, feeding them lines that make them think he’s on their side, maybe doing some things he’s not proud about so that he is at least in partial control of the situation and successfully fools them sufficiently that he doesn’t end up physically harmed, then Bond is celebrated for outwitting the bad guys. Rinse and repeat for a gazillion heroic survivor narratives.

But when a young woman opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by uninvited footballers…

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  1. nice catch.

  2. Yes.

  3. Exactly. It is driving me *nuts* that people claim to have this *bad* an understanding of the way social interaction works.

  4. I’ve got a scenario for all those people out there who say “what was she expecting…”
    A young man goes to a hotel room with two women. He is somewhat naive and inexperienced, but eager and consents to sex with the two women. Then suddenly the room fills with other women, uninvited, who start mocking his technique, making comments about the size of his penis, and laughing at his distress. If you think Clare deserved what she got, then surely this silly little boy deserves what he got, no? If not, what’s the difference?

  5. Too many awful commenters on mainstream news sites. The blatant reality of their double standards never seems apparent.
    I would love to comment ‘bomb’ just for the ‘left field’ contrast it would provide. Tempting if it wasn’t censored, increasing the eyeball stats, or lost in the crowd of moronic unthinking.
    Even reading Mindy’s comment, I notice that it’d appear more socially acceptable for the young naive man to be ‘eager’ to have sex with the two women, and the other women who enter the room to charcterised as morally evil and somehow slutty.
    Whereas with the power balance reversed, it seems the young woman ‘eager’ to have sex with the two men, is now the ‘slutty one’ and ‘should know better’ while the men involved are conveniently ignored and are not remotely described in the same language.

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