Give us some credit, please

I don’t know why, but I clicked on the link to SdeB’s blog today. Apparently, usually when you see a gorgeous woman with an ‘average’ looking guy it’s probably because he’s filthy rich or something. But not always. Sometimes, an average man (SdeBs example was Andrew Upton) and pull an amazing chick, like Cate Blanchett without big $$ or status. My goodness how do they do it? Apparently by believing in themselves. Well good on them.

Unfortunately SdeB doesn’t seem to think that the women themselves have anything to do with it. Or if he does, he certainly doesn’t say so. Is it not possible that Cate saw something in Andrew that made her go, ‘Wow, that’s the one for me!’ or did he simply win her over by pure force of personality or something.  Where is the understanding that women make choices about who they partner with too, and it’s not all about status or money?

Edited to add: Read FP’s marvellous smack down here.

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  1. Oh Mindy, we are again blogging twins! That was a god awful article wasn’t it!?

  2. Heh, I was wondering if you would blog on it too when I wrote it! Yes, it is a god awful article.

  3. In another sickening “it’s all about the menz” I give you this: Double blow for Phil Mickelson. Both his wife and mother have been diagnosed with breast cancer. But it’s a blow for poor Phil. He won’t be playing in the British Open. I’m not blaming Phil Mickelson for this, I’ve no doubt that he is devastated and very concerned for both his wife and mother. But for chissakes MSM, how about something that doesn’t centre on a man when you are talking about women with breast cancer?

  4. Yes, I saw that Mindy but since I didn’t know who the friggin hell Mickelson is I didn’t follow through.
    If anyone is tempted to give de Brito the benefit of the doubt OR if they just feel like being thoroughly depressed by the revolting viewpoints out there, please go see the comments section. I read from the bottom up and I literally felt ill by about ten in. A bigger bunch of women-hating gits in one place is harder to imagine. Women as gold diggers, women as heartless bitches, Megan Gale is mannish, unfeminine and has a beard, Cate Blanchett is plain and doesn’t wear much makeup on stage so Upton’s not really ‘punching above his weight’ anyway and it just keeps going.

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