15th Down Under Feminists Carnival – submit your posts now!

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The Fifteenth Down Under Feminists Carnival is upon us, and I’m hosting it at Hoyden About Town. The deadline for post submissions is the end of the 2nd of August, so you only have a couple of days.

** Submit your post(s) here! **

(Submissions to lauredhelhoyden@gmail.com for those who can’t access the blogcarnival captcha.)

Theme: Consider submitting posts about NAIDOC Week, the intersection of indigenous rights and feminism, Blog Against Racism week; or the 26th July is National Stepfamily Awareness Day, if you have something to say about feminist step-parenting; or perhaps you could talk about the franchise in Enrol To Vote Week, the last week in July.

Or if it’s too late for any of that, just submit whatever feminist posts you’ve written or liked during July, so long as the blog is Aussie or Kiwi.

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  1. Any very last minute submissions published in July, please email them to me within the next few hours at lauredhelhoyden at gmail dot com. Don’t submit through the blog form now, after deadline – they’ll go to the next month’s carnival.

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