Aaaaand – we’re back!

Muggins here wasn’t watching the bandwidth meter. Sorted now.

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  1. Thank goodness for that. Don’t know what I do without my Thursday Cheezburger.

  2. Shoot, it’s Thursday. Gimme a minute.
    eta: Done!

  3. Was I subtle?

    Can’t speak. Flat.

  4. dammit wrong link. can’t find it again. but it was good, trust me.

  5. Well I thought it was funny. You are okay right?

    • Lauredhel and I are both a bit short on spoons at the moment, Mindy. And it’s school pick-up time for Lauredhel right now.

  6. You are okay right?

    Well, sledgehammer injuries take a while to recover from, y’know? 😉

  7. Sorry about the spoons shortage. I will endeavour to be more subtle in the future. Bricks are more subtle than sledgehammers right?

  8. Stick with the classics, I reckon – anvils, pianos.

  9. well at least bandwidth is gender neutral…

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