Welcome to the new Hoyden habitat

champagne bottle Enjoy! I did originally have a new look ready to go, but I accidentally overwrote those files, didn’t I? It will appear soon though.

Addendum: picture added after reading Helen’s comment below!

Addendaddendum: please do update your bookmarks, feed subscriptions and blogrolls as you find the time. We have set up redirects from the old site to this one, but using those takes time you probably would rather not spend waiting for the site to download.

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  1. Hmm. Did I get a new blog and start holding threadless t-shirt giveaways while I wasn’t looking?

  2. Thrid! Hooray! *scuttles off to re-blogroll*
    (Where’s the champagne? What a shame we’re all so scattered! Wouldn’t it have been cool to have a launch?)
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..Friday Earworm: Pete Murray =-.

  3. CommentLuv seems to be doing that, Zoe – tigtog will likely look at it sometime, but meanwhile you can either untick the CommentLuv box (which is below the Submit button), or enter a URL to your blog or journal so that it fetches your last post.

    • CommentLuv decided to reset to all the default settings when it was migrated over to the new server. I’ve told it to behave how we want it to instead now. ETA: however, CommentLuv will not fetch your latest blog post unless you’ve included the URL to your blog in your user profile. Click on the “logged in as XXXX” above the comments text-input box to go to your profile and add your blog in the URL field.

      Some other plugins may also have reset to defaults and may not be behaving optimally. If you notice anything odd please let me know.

  4. Just to mention, Tigtog, that it looks like I’ve lost the capacity to edit comments… [hides head]. I didn’t really want to point it out, with our speccy new site, which, YAY!! AND CHAMPAGNE AND BALLOONS!

  5. Oh boo, WildlyP. I will have to see what sort of game it thinks it’s playing later.

  6. It looks awesome! Congrats.
    .-= Jill–Unnecesarean´s last blog ..At Least You Have a Healthy Baby =-.

  7. Wow, it just switched me straight over and I didn’t even realise. Smooth. *impressed*.

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