Links for the Day – non-plastic toys, Rally for BFing rights in WA, and more

Emma-in-oz has a listing of Australian toy stores selling wooden, non-toxic, fair trade, and/or Australian-made toys. Check it out.

The issue of whether breastfeeding discrimination will be banned in Western Australia remains up in the air, but things don’t look all that hopeful: “Barnett promises breastfeeding debate“, and “Government won’t support breastfeeding Bill“. Write or phone your MP now, and consider going to the rally next Tuesday at noon at Parliament House. Rally details are here.

Via meloukhia, 22 people with disabilities in San Bernadino were housed in a “group home” – which turned out to be chicken coops, with buckets to pee in.

Via whooz_queen, Meredith Nash has an article “Why homebirth is important to women?” up at The Melbourne Newsroom:

The issue of homebirth particularly highlights women’s fractured and partial adherence to everyday feminisms. The moral panic over homebirth may point to a ‘backlash’ against feminism(s) both by the Australian government and women themselves. In spite of hard-won changes to Australian women’s legal and political status over the last 30 years, anxieties about pregnancy and motherhood clearly continue to brew.

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  1. A lawyer discussed the successful (too long in coming, my opinion) legal decision by a judge in NY that warehousing people with mental illnesses in large “homes” (a couple of hundred per place, more or less) is illegal and they should be released into apartments, with supportive services, on Hugh Hamilton’s radio show, “Talk Back”, WBAI in NYC. The show was yesterday, in the 1st hour, 2nd half. The show is archived online, free, for 90 days
    (I have a comment on Hugh Hamilton’s website, on his “guest book”, when he opined why I didn’t call during that segment, but
    called earlier on the war on Afghanistan, for that guest. )
    (Note: I am involved in the fight against the takeover at WBAI, a community
    noncommercial radio station, since I mentioned the station. See for more information on that.)
    On breastfeeding: I did it starting in 1970. It was a wonderful experience. At
    the time, women could not be seen breast feeding in public (it was not acceptable;
    I don’t think it ever came to a legal question). When “out”, I would take the infant into a restroom, WC to nurse the baby. Yukky. )
    Last Monday, the US holiday, Labor Day (no not about giving birth, which a
    performance artist has played with), my spouse pushed me/my wheelchair
    around in midtown Manhattan on a long (st)roll. We stopped in a Starbucks (many
    have wheelchair accessible WC, bathrooms, restroom, single person toilet room).
    Wheelchair accessible rest rooms are difficult to find in NYC.
    One of the customers was breastfeeding her baby, while sitting on a high stool,
    in front of the window. My husband never noticed, his back was to her. We were sitting nearby. I was delighted with the progress. As a child, it was not usual, but I did see a woman breastfeed a child from time to time, in the 1940s.
    [ I use st+roll for (st)roll, which means, street roll/stroll.]

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  3. Hooray for Dr Meredith Nash seeing the wider issues around women’s reproductive rights and birth! Now to see if other feminists can see it… Hello out there?

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