If you’re one of the many who couldn’t read HaT today

… instead of the handsful who could, I *ahem* forgot to uncheck a box blocking most users after I finished debugging yesterday.

Sorry about that Chief.

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  1. I have, however, managed to get the edit-comments function to work again. Swings and roundabouts, sez I.

  2. Bother. The “edit” links appear in each comment, but they don’t do anything for me. Do they work for anyone else?

  3. I’ll give it a try.
    It seems to be working.

  4. The Ajax thing always seems to take ages so I open up another browser and check my comment and it’s there. Then I just close down the Ajax thingy which usually hasn’t finished whatever it’s doing. I hope that’s not borking the system.

  5. I can’t see it doing any harm to the system, Mindy. And if it works, great.
    Edit: testing to see whether it works that way for me, too.
    Edit, the second: whee, so it does!

  6. Thank goodness it’s back! I was having hoyden-withdrawals!

  7. I was a bit worried there for a bit. Glad to see it was temporary.

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