Awesome postracial society produces “Nigel the Crazy Noonga” yumour

Another thing that’s not satire? A racist “Nigel the Crazy Noonga” ‘comedy’ routine, in which a Perth student ‘pranked’ businesses by putting on an Aboriginal English accent and acting in a stereotypical manner.

This bigoted wannabe has developed a certain following amongst vapid white-supremacist youth, and should be a great warmup act for the next Straya Day white-power punch-up.

Search youtube for “Crazy Noonga” if you really want to see and hear the offensive material; I’m not linking.

[note to overseas folk: the Noonga (Nyoongah/Noonger) people are the Indigenous people of the southwest of Western Australia.]

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  1. Do we need another round of Introduction to Comedy? Bah. I hate people.

  2. I wonder which jurisdiction it could be pursued in, tigtog – Federal? (HREOC info here, Racial Discrimination Act here). Or perhaps just for recording and publishing phone calls without permission of the other party?
    The offensive racial imitation and stereotyping is the worst part (SotBO). I listened to several of the “prank” calls and found them quite upsetting on another level also. The caller was deliberately going on and on and asking intrusive questions and getting quite persistently stroppy (or pretending to), and seeming to get off on their harassment making the call receiver upset.

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