I have nothing to add …

…except “Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

isubscribe subscription options are Kids or Girls

Description: A screenshot of the “Kids” section of the iSubscribe website, an Australian magazine subscription management site. The “Kids section is divided into two categories. Those categories are “Kids” and “Girls”.

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  1. Not angry myself, just creeped out. Kids magazines are for children. Girls magazines are where underage female kids go to be groomed for their future role as objects of sexual consumption. Or am I being too cynical?

  2. *sigh*
    I can see why they’ve done it and I’m sure someone had good intentions when they decided to not label the “not girl magazines” as “boy magazines” but damn, what made them think there was a need for subcategories at all? As for the women aren’t people message implicit in the girls/kids division, oh FFS indeed.

  3. “Kids?” means androgynous. I know because I was an avid reader of K-Zone when I was about nine or ten (I am fifteen now) and the readership boy-to-girl was quite level. I know this because of the fanart and fanmail sent in, and I can assure you that there’s lots of girls. (Or the publishers published a lot of girls’ fan letters to even out, which is very good of them.)
    K-Zone used to be really thick in size, but now it’s only one cm!!! (And I’ve outgrown it of course…) So don’t worry. n.n

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