Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter is courtesy of wildlife guides Shetland Otters.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. The redirect isn’t working anymore, which you may know. But I was sad. 😦
    Don will be home from the hospital tomorrow afternoon!

  2. After 2 surgeries in one week while breastfeeding, I think I deserve a damn present. Not ‘someone’ gallivanting off to watch football. I’m happy with my ‘Bones’ marathon though.

  3. Ack, Geek Anacrhonism! Well, I hope Bones is awesome, at least.

  4. Did you see the article about how the State (NSW) government’s religious education advisory panel (why do we even have one of those?) is objecting to a proposal for children who choose not to do scripture classes to be taught a course in ethics instead of doing nothing for the period? The quote from the committee is “It doesn’t have the support of the religious community, that’s just a pragmatic reality.” They’re so arrogant they don’t even feel they need to give a reason, and the lazy minded reporters don’t even seem to have made an enquiry as to their rationale.

  5. Oh! People have been working on that in NSW for ages – here’s an article from 2004. I hope they get somewhere.
    Anyone know how the Victorian attempt to establish secular ethics classes in SRE time went?

  6. ““It doesn’t have the support of the religious community, that’s just a pragmatic reality.” They’re so arrogant they don’t even feel they need to give a reason, and the lazy minded reporters don’t even seem to have made an enquiry as to their rationale.”
    Never mind the rationale, why haven’t the lazy-minded reporters thought to question exactly WHY a proposal for teaching non-religious ethics to the children of non-religious people should need the “support” of the “religious community” IN THE FIRST PLACE??? Why is it any of their business?

  7. They are reacting to the possibility that a secular ethics option will mean even fewer parents signing their kids up for RI at all. After all, a lot of parents who are no longer churched still send their kids to RI classes just for the traditional morality teachings side of it – if a secular ethics option is there I would think that at least half of those parents would choose it instead of RI.
    No wonder they don’t support it.

  8. I can see why they don’t support it, what I’m having trouble with is the concept that the media doesn’t find it necessary to question *why* this should be a matter for their consideration at all.

    • Oh yes, totally with you. To paraphrase the immortal words of Christine Keeler, “well they would say that, wouldn’t they?”, so why on earth is it worth reporting?

  9. Hiya, just signed in with the blog’s open ID, but it’s a group blog, how can we sign in as individual users? Also I can’t find my profile, there’s an error message…

  10. This clip reminded me of how ‘yall are humourless, hating and uncool, seeing as you’re feminists.
    Hope you don’t mind me just plonking it in here – I couldn’t wait til the next otterday.
    With thanks for all that you share from a greatful lurker.

  11. Maelenna – Nellie McKay is always on topic here! (And Otterday is open slather, unless there’s a current discussion on whatever the subject is.) I can’t get the video at that link, so if anyone else is in the same boat, look here instead.

  12. It’s the UK Labour party conference this week, and in Gordon Brown’s speech he’s just announced their solution to the problem of teen pregnancy … institutionalise them.
    Yep, a sitting labour prime minister has just advocated Baby Borstals, I kid you not!

  13. Has anyone come across the book Pink brain, blue brain? It actually looks like it might be quite interesting.

  14. Haven’t seen that one Bekk, looks interesting. I did see in the newsagent this morning “Act like a lady, think like a man” which does not look interesting. Apparently, ladies when it comes to finding out what men think about relationships UR DOIN IT RONG.

  15. @Mindy
    are we? who’d have thought. /sarcasm.
    When I want to know what my partner thinks of our relationship, I have a radical method of finding out – I ask him. I should probably be batting my eyelashes and wearing an apron or something.

  16. Tim Sterne on Twitter: “It’s like witnessing a planeload of dickheads crashing into a train full of wankers.”
    Tweet. of. the. Year! For the benefit of non-Oz readers he’s referring to the toe curlingly awful Hey Hey it’s Saturday, returning to our TVs tonight after… how many years? They just announced proudly that they were #1 globally on Twitter – too bad all the tweeps I read are panning them but mercilessly!
    Magdalen Laundries, that’s what they need.

  17. I know, I know… and a Labour government too. Somehow I’m not sure the argument that “we’ll do exactly what the Conservatives would do but for better motives” is enough to carry them through the next general election. It has also been pointed out in the blogosphere that this Baby Borstal idea was first mooted by the far-right BNP.
    If they were talking about putting young mums voluntarily into a form of sheltered accommodation then I wouldn’t have an issue: I’m disabled and have found sheltered accommodation to be very liberating in that I can take or leave the support available and remain completely independent while feeling a bit more secure. Unfortunately this NOT the Labour proposal. They’re talking about group homes “supervised by social workers” ie. part of the Care system (which we all know works SO well for children). Their gripe is about the presence of young mums “jumping the queue” on the (social) housing list, but sheltered housing is a PART of that list – I waited three years for my home like everybody else and I was also an “urgent” need case [the demand is so high and supply so low, there’s no realistic point in being on the list unless you are classed as an urgent case]. Also the Baby Borstals would only postpone the issue a couple of years, once mothers turn eighteen they will… um, go onto the housing list.

    • It’s all about appearing to be tough on crime and morals when it comes to the ballot box, isn’t it? The actual pragmatic outcomes are far less important!

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