Femmostroppo Reader – September 28, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • sean cubitt#39;s blog: Ubiquitous Media, Rare Earths
  • – “we act as if computing and network resources were unbounded. But materials, manufacture, use and recycling put boundaries round the materiality of internet and convergent media. The squalor and penury associated with extracting metals, building computers and recycling mobiles, TVs and digital devices are one half of a story which includes toxic waste, toxic working conditions, human waste from the maquilladoras, atnospheric and water pollution in the recycling villages of Africa and China, species and habitat loss . . .”

  • Salt Lake City Man Calls Judy Shepard a Liar to her Face
  • – “About 45 minutes in, a man rose and asked a question that amounted to repeating a current popular right-wing lie – Matthew Shepard was killed because his killers were high and wanted to rob him; his sexual orientation was irrelevant. Mrs. Shepard refuted the claim – pointing out that in one of the killer’s confessions, he admitted they acted because of Shepard’s sexual orientation; the other, in his statement in court, admitted the same. Neither men tested positive for drugs or alcohol after Matthew’s murder. The interlocutor asserted at this point that she was lying and doing a disservice to history by lying about the reasons for her son’s murder.”

  • Opportunity to Buy Tickets for Feminist Comedy on 10 October
  • – “feminist cabaret show being held at the Comedy Pub in London on 10 October, after the Feminism in London Conference”

  • Police forces fail to record rape claims.
  • – “The BBC reports that police forces are failing to record up to 40% of rape claims, with vast differences in recording across the country. “

  • BBC Three Counties Discussion on Platonic Friendship
  • – depressingly predictable viewpoints

  • Life Without a Life Mate
  • – “But apparently I missed the memo. The one that says somewhere in the long-term goals section, a girl must list the desire to marry and procreate.”

  • Drop It Like It’s Hot
  • – Renee’s weekly links

  • #39;Indoctrinating#39; children? There go conservatives, projecting again
  • – bfacepalm/b

  • Roman Polanski
  • – “In any event, I look forward to more detailed explanations of who the Real Victim is here, and more fine-grained elaboration of the criteria — other than “marvelous dinner guest” — for being issued a Get Out of Child Rape Free card.”

  • What real feminists want – Eureka Street
  • – “You have to have a remarkable lack of imagination to look at the world and not see the possibility for something much better. And if you can imagine a better, more just world, then not to act on that vision is unforgiveable.brbrThe unimaginative are simply stupid. But the cynical are criminal. “

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  1. Damn right the conservatives are projecting!
    (Sorry for the link to douchiness – TT, you did say your back end automatically inserts a Nofollow?…)

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