Vag perfume – so you don’t have to fuck drunk anymore!

The news is all over new “research” purporting to show that women lurrrrve to fuck drunk. Well, no, not quite. The research puports to show that women get drunk before sex because they “lack confidence in their bodies”:

Almost half of those questioned said they preferred sex while under the influence of alcohol because it helped them lose their inhibitions and be more adventurous.

Researchers, who surveyed 3000 women aged 18-50, found on average they slept with eight men, but were drunk with at least five, and on two occasions couldn’t remember the man’s name the next day […]

Reading this, I was thinking “Wow, this reporting is pretty irresponsible. Encouraging the idea that women get drunk in order to have sex with men? Encouraging the idea that women drunk enough to ‘lose their inhibitions’ are fair game? Encouraging the idea that women want it really, the sluts, whether they admit it or not, and that having had a few drinks is proof, because of what you read in the paper that time? I wonder if this date-rape-fodder is a case of real research poorly reported, as is so often the case, or something else?”

Where was this “study” published, I wondered? Which reputable journal? What were the qualifications of the authors?

These are the things I thought – before I scrolled down.

This research so breathlessly reported all over our national news media? It’s a marketing press release. From Femfresh. Who make vulval deodorant products.


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  1. I remember seeing it, and thinking it must be a typo – surely Femfresh couldn’t be cited as an authority in an article on social mores? Sadly, apparently, yes.
    The mainstream media really can’t afford to get so hoity-toity about the blogosphere any more, if it’s going to pull these kind of stunts.

  2. Holy generalisations, batman!
    I mean, as someone who’s carrying a shitload of cultural crap around in my head that tends to get in the way of intimacy, I am all in favour of using alcohol to “loosen up” a bit – but then alcohol has more or less the same effect on me as a warm bath and a really good massage. If you can’t remember someone’s name the next day, that’s probably not in the same category.
    Absolutely no attempt to look into other possible reasons for drunk sex? Yup, that’s advertising for you.

  3. Wow Lauredhel. Thanks so much for catching that!
    Helen, yes, I was just ranting about the same thing – I’ve seen Sam in the City use AMI as an authority/expert previously (though you know, her doing it doesn’t surprise me all that much). But it does seem that you can just call the most highly agenda-d companies/organisations neutral ‘authorities’ now and no one in the msm will look into it.
    (Says shyly) I started a new blog today and my second post was a rant in response to this post here. One of the things I’m concerned about in my rant is accidentally eliding the complexities of the relationship between alcohol and sex as discussed by both Lauredhel and MK…and also reinforcing the heteronormativity and couple-centrism of this kind of ‘research’…oh and a billion other concerns. You know, you respond to something so simplistic (Femfresh’s research not anything here) and it sort of explodes but you can’t spend a year responding so you can repeat the same sorts of exclusions?
    Mmm…needs to step away from computer!
    .-= fuckpoliteness´s last blog ..Oh fuck me (not in that way) =-.

  4. Ugh, that’s fucking terrible. I remember seeing a rant about this here. Yeah, horrible 😦

  5. Thanks for the link PharaohKatt. I was surprised no one (else) in the mainstream media questioned the Femfresh link. But so many of these crappy little studies become big news because they’re about sex. Asking questions has been replaced by getting as many page impressions on a website as possible. *Sigh*

  6. Ugh. Shit crap puke.

  7. Oh, criminy. ;(


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