Quickhit: Roman Polanski arrested in Zurich

But will he actually end up being extradited?

I always thought that he should have served his time upon his conviction for statutory rape 31 years ago. For a start, why should someone with the money to flee from law enforcement just be able to get away with it?

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  1. Well given how long he’s been “in flight”, I can’t really see them offering him bail. And he can’t argue that it’s outwith the statute of limitations because that only applies to the prosecution of a case.

  2. And I see this news tidbit has prompted the entirely predictable FESTIVAL of It’s Not “Sex”, It’s Rape reporting failures.

  3. “All I could think was let’s get through this and I can get home. I just froze up.” Polanski had intercourse with Samantha, performed oral sex and sodomised her. He then drove her home saying: “Don’t tell your mum or your boyfriend, this is our little secret.”
    Samantha Geimer
    “I am widely regarded, I know, as an evil, profligate dwarf.”
    Roman Polanski, Autobiography
    You reckon?

  4. Thanks for the link to Samantha’s own story, Casey. He apparently also gave her champagne and quaaludes beforehand, so that she was unable to run or resist.

  5. Precisely. I know she has forgiven him, and wants it all dropped. I am glad she came to place of freedom within herself. But he needs to finish what he started. He did plead guilty before he fled. Now he can take the consequences of what he pleaded guilty to.
    Someone said, a Swiss Festival organiser official I think, that he should not have to pay for a small mistake of 32 years ago.
    I don’t know what else you have to do to be considered a child molester in every sense of the word. Dennis Ferguson is hounded from burb to burb across Australia. Not that I particularly care. But Polanski gets Oscars from afar? Give me a break.

  6. Harrison Ford’s little speech at the 2003 Oscars about the “persecution” of Polanski received a standing ovation if I recall correctly, or perhaps it was just rapturous applause. Fuckwits.

  7. Straight to jail buddy, do not pass Go.

  8. I am at a complete loss at how people can be so outraged that a self-confessed rapist has been arrested.

  9. @Orlando, that jumped out at me too.

  10. The SMH has published the most disgusting column, originally from the Guardian’s Comment is Free section, in which Duncan Campbell not only repeatedly speaks of how Polanski “drugged and then had sex with” his victim, but includes this little gem: “War criminals (whether Nazis, or torturers from Latin America), predatory sex offenders and murderers should always have to live in fear of the tap on the shoulder and answer to their crimes”, going on to argue that Polanski is a different case (in some way not a predatory sex offender?), more in line with the decision not to extradite another man who confessed to a “victimless crime”.
    I don’t know why this business is upsetting me so much when it’s so predictable and precedented, but the sight of so many prominent people bringing their profile and influence to bear in service of a child rapist is just – I can’t find the words.

    • Horrible indeed, orlando.

      I very much doubt that people would be reacting this way if it was a plumber or a carpenter named Ronald Polanski who had confessed to drugging and forcing sex on a 13 year old girl and fled before sentencing to spend 30 comfortable years in Europe as an escaped convict.

  11. There are a couple of lists of celebrities who have signed a petition in support of Polanski and many of my favourite directors are on it. I don’t have the heart to link but WTF- Tilda Swinton – for some reason I did not expect that she would be one of the frightening number who think artistic achievement excuses child rape.

  12. Tilda Swinton? And Whoopi Goldberg on The View, apparently. I feel sick.

  13. And Terry Gilliam, too. 😦
    Tim Sterne on Twitter: “Whoopi Goldberg not guilty of comedy-comedy”.

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