Virtual Traveling – Our Best Friend?

Faves Mosaic - Our Best Friend?

Any of these fangy faces remind anyone of anybody special? (This mosaic is just a sample of the photos uploaded to Flickr in the last 10 days)

1. Untitled,
2. a very special occasion,
3. Borders (20 of 365),
4. Untitled,
5. Rory,
6. Forbidden Love 09.18.09,
7. IMG_3375,
8. rosie,
9. Flying (Explore #1 Front Page– Thanks everyone)

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  1. Looking forward to slave2tehtink’s pictures!
    And if any photographers here have some hints on how to effectively photograph a black Labrador, I’m all ears. I suppose it’s all in the lighting, but I’ve only a happy-snapper, no other equipment.

  2. Lauredhel, I would love to see a picture of George (it is George?). Especially if he’s safe from cables on the floor!

  3. I pulled out some pictures, Jet:
    as a puppy:

    as an older puppy:


  4. Ooooh a black lab. We used to have a black lab. He used to eat anything and everything.

  5. Rebekka: Mostly he has grown out of/been trained out of that phase now, but yes, for a while there it was bad. Shoes, fluffy toys, electrical wires, the walls. Crate training as a puppy was the best decision we ever made.

  6. Yeah, I don’t mean chewing (although he did that as a puppy – always one shoes out of each pair). Ours used to eat tubes of aluminium foil, whole packs of disposable gloves, dad’s socks, toilet paper (but only the soft white stuff, we foiled him by changing to recycled) – I mean EAT. As in, goes in one end, comes out the other. He was quite fond of the apple tree. He would start at one end of the garden, line it up, run, take a flying leap, grab an apple and then eat it. Repeat until apples all gone. On one memorable occasion he ate two dozen hash cookies (belonging to a friend of the parentals who used them to manage his chronic back pain). Good times.
    Crate training would have been a great idea, only none of us had ever heard of it. Also, we got him from the RSPCA at about six months old. Probably because of the insatiable appetite.

  7. Crate training?
    For the similarly uninformed, crate training.

  8. Woot, I see both my breeds are represented in that collage!
    Ms. Tink this weekend, lookin good:

    Also she can command sunbeams to fall on her just right. 
    Ms. Zille, she wants you to throw the ball:

    Zille is all ears. 
    Mr. Beowulf, and I *really* don’t know what was going on in his pointy head, but clearly it was pretty urgent:

    I’m not sure what he’s thinking, actually. 
    @lauredhel, the best method I’ve found for photographing a black dog is bright sunlight, or getting close with the flash on my camera, as in the pic above. Anything else and either he is a black blob, or he is appropriately exposed but the environment is all washed out!

  9. And for good measure, here’s Casper:

    And Doggy Eric, the parental dog, who’s Casper’s best mate:

  10. Lauredhel, he’s lovely! Thank you!
    Slave2tehtink, your commentary cracked me up.

  11. I am thinking about getting a dog. My eldest is a bit nervous around them, which I don’t want him to be (cautious yes) because a child/dog friendship can be one of the best things in a childhood. I just need to find the right dog.
    This morning my three year old daughter announced that she wanted a black horse and that she would put on her helmet and boots and ride it (none of which we currently own). Maybe a dog would put off the horse wanting thing for a bit.

  12. @Jet thanks, I try! Either one has a sense of humor with dogs, or one goes barking mad (Thank you, I’ll be here all week).
    @Mindy speaking personally as a woman who used to be a young girl who got riding lessons but no dog, having the horses in my life did not stop me from endlessly pestering my parents for a dog. In fact, I still like to tell my parents that the reason I have three large dogs is that I am compensating for a dog-deprived childhood.
    At around your daughter’s age, I did not want to *have* a black horse though, I declared that when I grew up I was going to *be* a black stallion, so Your Mileage May Vary.

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