“Good job, boys!”

Advertising “Did I really just see that?” du jour: the All-Bran Dual ad. This played with saturation coverage during the last Masterchef season, and I finally came across an online version.



A thin brunette white woman, in her 30s and conventionally pretty, sits at a kitchen bench. A bowl, a carton of All-Bran Dual, a glass of orange juice, and a bowl of fruit sit on the bench. There is an espresso machine on the rear bench, along with a picture, a potted plant, some blue jars, and so forth. The woman is pouring from a carton of milk into the bowl, with a cut to the cereal in the bowl.

Woman: To see how All-Bran Dual works, we really have to go inside my insides. [points to her belly with a grin]

[Cut to woman walking through a panelled tunnel. The walls are striped in pale pink, deep pink, pastel orange, lemon yellow, and cream. Upright intermittent panels are white.

Woman [walking through tunnel holding a carton of All Bran]: OK, so we’ve stylised my insides slightly! But you get the idea. All-Bran Dual has two types of fibre. [holds up two fingers] One –

[A hunky bloke in the tunnel, wearing white T-shirt and white overalls, sweeps near a futuristic-looking white chair.]

Woman: – that helps cleanse, [bloke in white gives big grin to the camera in close-up, cut to woman raising her eyebrows suggestively at him], and another type of fibre, inulin –

[We move into the next part of the colon, which has a profusion of pink and white flowers on the walls and floor, interspersed with green grassy wall panels. A hunky bloke in blue T-shirt and blue overalls has a blue watering can marked INULIN, with which he is nourishing the flowers.]

Woman – to help nourish, every day.

[Closeup to bloke in clue giving a come-hither smile.]

Woman [we now see both blokes in the background, beavering away at their chores]: Together, they have a dual action! To help cleanse and nourish your insides. [Woman does sexy slow-blink, grins in close-up] Good job, boys!

[Cut to stage with closed blue curtain. The men hang a ring saying CLEANSE/NOURISH around a huge carton of All-Bran.]

Voiceover: All-Bran Dual. Cleanse and nourish every day.

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  1. That ad was just so accurate. I mean I’m sure that I have a bunch of blokes running around inside my body doing all the essential functions – except for in my brain. There sits a little man for the maths and teh serious thinky thoughts and a little woman who handles the thoughts about shopping and kids and housework and stuff *giggles*

  2. So your brain is an episode of “Herman’s Head”?

  3. I don’t know “Herman’s Head” but I’ll consult google before I nod.

  4. So that’s what internalised sexism looks like.
    (I once had a gastroscopy. Now, instead of eating fibre, I eat little handwritten notes saying “good job!” and “sorry for all that jam last night”.)

  5. I shall repeat my comment from Twitter: Eeeeeew!!!
    .-= PharaohKatt´s last blog ..On Rape Culture, Amanda Palmer, and Disappointment =-.

  6. this also irritates me for an unrelated reason – i’m one of a large minority of people who is unable to absorbe fructose (including in its polymer form, as in inulin). i hate inulin and it hates me! (i wish food companies would stop adding it to perfectly good dairy products, among other things.)

  7. I am trying to imagine a situation where someone could watch that ad and NOT feel patronized and insulted………nope, not finding one!

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