Hey, let’s send people who don’t speak the local language – what could go wrong?

Relatives of missionary family shot down by CIA denounce ‘cover up’. The headline elides a few facts from the 2001 incident – the Bowers’ family plane was actually shot down by the Peruvian air force after a CIA spotter plane mis-identified it as a drug-runner and called the Peruvians in. Recently obtained video recordings show that the CIA team then had second thoughts, but:

Unable to speak Spanish except for a few phrases, the CIA team had difficulty calling off the operation.

WTF? Two questions:

  1. Given that the USA has a large proportion of its population who are native speakers of Spanish, and that many more of its population speak it well because they live alongside native speakers of Spanish, why the hell did the CIA send any non-Spanish-speaking operatives to Peru in the first place?
  2. How many other misidentified planes that “fit the profile” have been shot down with non-drug-runners killed, but because they weren’t white Christian missionaries there’s been no international outrage?

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  1. Why are drugs so evil that drug dealers need to be instantly executed, in covert operations and without trial?

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