Sydney Hoydenizens: Anyone fancy a Sunday Afternoon at the Pub?

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It so happens that my birthday’s coming up next week, and I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great to use this as an excuse to meet up with some Hoydenizen folks?” And so, I’d like to invite all feminist and feminist-allied folks here to come along to lunch at the Warren View Hotel (2 Stanmore Rd, Enmore) at 12 noon on Sunday April 25th.

I know that it’s relatively short notice, and I’m also aware that it’s a long weekend and that people might be going away — but, if you’re around, then feel free to turn up and have a couple of drinks and some lunch with me. While it’s not strictly important to RSVP, if you think you’re likely to be able to come, please say so in comments — if it looks like we’ll have more than half a dozen people, I’ll make a proper booking.

The pub is wheelchair accessible, there is a carpark diagonally across the road, and there are a number of nearby bus-stops (although public transport on the day may be affected by ANZAC parades). If anyone has any other accessibility requirements, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to see that your needs are accomodated.

UPDATE: I don’t think there’ll be enough of us to warrant a booking, but I’ll be there nonetheless — I’ll head to the beer garden if it’s not raining. I don’t have a sign to bring with me, but I’ll be wearing a black fedora, and I have a long brown plait of hair that makes me pretty recognisable. Hope to see many of you there! 😀

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  1. Sorry Beppie, I’m one of the people who is away that weekend. Happy birthday! I’m an April birthday too, obviously a quality month.
    (Sydney-area Hoydens, don’t forget our picnic on May 30…)

  2. Beppie, I don’t know yet whether I’ll be in town, but if so I will definitely drop by to hoist a jar. There’s a sign outside the Warren View touting their newly renovated Beer Garden, too – I hope they haven’t ruined the ambience!

  3. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing this month, but unless I’ve gone and double-booked myself somehow, I’d like to come along! My housemate may well accompany me. 🙂

  4. I am so there. I am more there than a there thing that is there. I am there like a there thing. So there.
    Thus concludes Chally’s RSVP.
    (I’m sorry, HAT people, all my weird comments seem reserved for this blog.)

  5. Chally — I shall delight in your there-ness! And you’ll finally be able to meet my partner. 🙂

  6. Like Highly said, I’ll very probably be there myself! Probably slightly sleepily because my choir (Usyd Musical Society) is having our trivia night the night before and I suspect it’ll run late, loud, and lolarious.

  7. I would like to be there, but I probably can’t as we’ve just invited the Huscarls to our place at 2pm on the 25th. Mind you, if it turns out none of them are coming I might be able to join you.
    .-= mimbles´s last blog ..Necklaces added to my shop =-.

  8. To everyone planning to come along — I haven’t made a booking, because I don’t think we’ll have a particularly large group. I also haven’t made a sign, but you’ll be able to find me if you look for the woman wearing a black fedora, with a long brown plait of hair that hangs to her waist. 🙂

  9. Still in NZ, but have a lovely birthday, Beppie.

  10. have a lovely birthday, Beppie.
    Thank you! My actual birthday was on Wednesday, which is an inconvenient day for drinks at the pub. But I did have a lovely day. 🙂

  11. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it this afternoon – extended family thingumy ended up taking precedence 😦

  12. Happy birthday Beppie – and grinding my teeth again to see another Hoydens boozeup and being so far from Sydney!
    Mine was yesterday the 24th – Went to a friend’s restaurant in Melbourne inner West *cough*Le Chien*cough* and had a quiet one with just the partner, kids and me. Wild mushroom risotto with truffle, yum!! Girl had porterhouse, it cracks me up what a carnivore she is, especially because she’s been through such a Twilight/New moon phase. I wish we did this more, but we’re on more of a pizza income still. Ah, one day.

  13. Happy Birthday, Beppie! I wish I could be there to drink with yez all, but regional-NSW-sorta-close-to-Canberra is too far away for me to make it… but I’m glad you had a good actual-birthday, and wish you a year full of good things.

  14. I was meant to be at the pub by now, but the universe has conspired against me – broken handbag, missed the bus, next bus never turned up – so I’ve given it up altogether. Happy Birthday, Beppie, and I’m sorry I couldn’t come.

  15. Happy Birthday Beppie! Still sick after a couple of weeks so I’m going to have a quieter arvo. Hope you have a great afternoon.

    • Well, we’ve just got back from the pub, Beppie and Chally are still in transit back oop nawth.
      Much fine food and chatter was had, also got to introduce my sprogs to how two-up works by taking them up to the edge of the toss-pit (is there a less rude-sounding term I should be using?).
      My belly full of Bulmer’s cider will now toddle off for a sleep.

  16. I had a great time, thanks all!!

  17. TT, two up’s played in a ring. Although your term does give new meaning to “come in spinner!”
    [slinks, ashamed]

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